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Customers regard us as one of the best online store for Personalised Gifts in India. We understand that people love it when the gifts are personalized. So we offer you a variety of gift products that you can customize as per your need. We innovate, we create and we present you with unique range of customised gifts. Our designs are very specific and targeted very thoughtfully keeping in mind the relationship and occasions. You can use our filters, to reach to the perfect gift. We would love to hear your suggestions and become even better, and offer you super exclusive gifts! Write us at

We ship Customized Gifts across India

We ship  gifts ordered online across India. So far we have served in all the major cities. One can shop for gifts online from any city, and get the gift delivered anywhere in India. As per our analytics, you will not be surprised to know, that most of orders are from major cities, but quite many are from smaller cities as well. To start with 82% of our visitors are from India, 9% from the US, and rest other countries. Shoppers from US, UK, Singapore, Canada, Australia, search for terms like 'personalized gifts online india', 'india personal gifts' , 'buy personalised gifts india' and come to our online store. Coming back to Indian states which shop for personalized gifts online, Maharashtra tops the list with 24% , with New Delhi in the second place with 17%, followed by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telengana with 10%, 8% and 5% respectively.

Buy personalized gift from India's favorite gift store

There are very few good customized gift stores in India. Most of the online store you will come across will be selling cheap customized gifts sourced from China. They might look good on outside, but the products lack quality. We on the other hand, get our customized gifts made in India, and maintain the quality. The personalised gift items that we sell on our online shop are very creative, unique, of good quality and customized as per your need.

We offer unique Caricature Gifts 

Along with the old and favorite personalised gift items, we offer unique range of customized gifts. Caricature based customised gifts are very unique, and exciting. If you are really looking to send very unique personalized product, you should go for our caricature range of items. Buy them online from our store and send a surprise customised gift to someone in India

Gifting is an art in itself. It is the best way to bring a smile to a person’s face. From young to old, everyone loves accepting and receiving gifts. Gifts are a medium to express oneself to the other person. It’s not about the money spent in buying the gift; but it’s about the thought of giving one and the hours spent behind making each gift special and unique.

Buying a gift is a task, but buying the perfect is not impossible. You just need to remove some time, do some research and voila! Your perfect gift is ready. A well thought and picked gift, will be cherished for a lifetime due to the thought and love put in it.

Gifts are ideal ways to show gratitude, love, honour, respect, etc to the other person. It speaks unspoken words and shows oodles of love to the other by their gesture of gifting. People who often gift things are known to be loving and kind as they do not look at the cost involved; but they focus on bringing a smile to the other person’s face.

With the advancement in technology and whole lot of materialistic things, the age of flowers, chocolates, and all things old fashioned have gone passed by. Now-a-days, people focus on using the advancement in technology in their gifting ways and have chosen the path of personalized gifting.

Here are some reasons why personalized gifting is the current trend.


The word personalized itself means ‘design or produce (something) to meet someone’s individual requirements. So when the gifts are being designed to your individual liking, it’s surely going to be unique. Since the gifts are personalized, they are unique in nature.

Dons a personal touch

Personalized gifts are gifts that are thought from the heart. They are unique and special. Since a lot of thought goes behind personalizing gifts, it automatically dons a personal touch as your heart, mind and soul is put into making, packing and gifting to that special person.

A creative genius is born

It doesn’t take rocket science or designing mantra to personalize a gift. If you genuinely love the person, it automatically generates a feeling of gifting something unique and special. It may be a handmade card or paper flowers or even cooking food for that matter – it’s all a part of creativity. You may not be a creative person; but when gifting to that person, the creative genius within you comes out!

Feeling of specialty

For personalized gifts, a lot of thought process is involved in selecting the gift to the final look of the gift. Your heart, mind and soul are involved in this process. You may either personalize the gift by making gifts out of images, situations, etc. the very gesture of personalizing a gift, gives the other person a feeling of being a special part of your life.


Not all gifts are supposed to be expensive and pricey. They could be made with the most easily available things or maybe even out of waste. But the end result should be good. Most people do not look for the price of gifts; they look at the effort and love present in the gift.

To hell with copyrights

When gifting personalized items, you don’t have to think about the gift being a replica of another one. In most functions, people tend to receive the same gifts and they tend to give it away to another person for another function. But with our personalized friend, you’re rest assured that your gift won’t be passed to another, but will be cherished and kept for memories.

Personalized gifting has become the current trend as they are unique, express love and tell the other that they are special in a very unique and different way for words to express. Their feelings are expressed through their unique gifts creating a path to unique gifting and sharing.

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