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Special Brother Caricature Magnet

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Can I have a look at the caricature after the artist completes drawing it?

Yes - we will send you the soft copy of the caricature for your approval. Your product will be shipped once you approve the soft copy.

What if the caricature doesn't satisfactorily resemble the person?

The artists at are skilled professionals, and they have been drawing caricature for years. If the caricature doesn't resemble satisfactorily, then its probably due to the photo provided is not front facing with face clearly visible. Also note that, sometimes a photo of a person comes out to be very different than how he actually looks in real. So we always ask for a good quality, and front faced photograph.

What if the caricature doesn't resemble satisfactorily, even after providing good quality photos?

In such cases, we give two free revisions. The soft copy of the caricature will be sent to you via email within 2-3 days. You can suggest a revision*, clearly mentioning the things you want to change and specific parts which are not matching (for example - "the caricature is fine, but the lips should be little thin", or - "its perfect, its just that he is not this fair. Please darken the complexion a bit") . Please do not send general statements like - "there is something different about him, please correct it" , because the artists doesn't know the person personally . And always keep in mind, since it is a caricature (and not a portrait) around 80% resemblance is fair enough.
The revised copy will be sent to you within 24 hours. If you have opted for an express delivery, the delivery period will be increased by one/two day based on how many revisions you have asked for.
*revision - you can mention as many changes as you want in a single revision. So we request you to jot dot all the changes and send it to us all at once. Any request for change which is sent later will be treated as a second revision.

What if the caricature doesn't satisfactorily resemble even after two free revisions?

You can have further revisions, but those would be charged at the rate of INR 100 per revision.
In case you want to provide completely different photo for making the caricature (if you need the expressions to be changed in the caricature) - you will be charged INR 400 per person for making the new caricature.

Height15 cm
Width10 cm
Weight200 gms
MaterialAcrylic (3-4 mm) with 4 small magnets on back side. The artwork is printed on premium vinyl and pasted on acrylic.
AgeYouth (Married)
AgeYouth (Unmarried)
Designed ForHer
Designed ForHim