Birthday Gifts for Dad

Buy gifts designed for your dad. Engraved wine glasses and beer mugs, with worlds best dad engraved on it. Shop for creative caricature products for your dad.

Perfect Birthday Gifts for Dad: Make His Big Day Special with Personalized Gifts

You may not remember all the times your dad changed your diaper but he vividly remembers the first time he found out what baby poop smells like. And, he still cracks up sharing the story of your baby-pooping days when he spent his leisure time singing to you and changing your undies.

Fathers are the gems we often forget to value. As children, we move away, spend most of our time cajoling our mothers to convince “dad” for the long, remote trekking trip with friends. Even with really awesome mums, dads often end up becoming the conventional financial provider of the family and they work day and night to fulfill your every need.

So, why not make his birthday the biggest and best ever with personalized birthday gifts that represent how you truly feel and how much you really love your dad.

Wondering what birthday gifts for dad to buy? Check out some of our amazing birthday gifts ideas:

Keychain engraved with dad’s initials

He probably drives around a lot so get him a beautiful keychain with his initials engraved or get a wooden key ring with his name and date and your customized message. 

Personalized pen and pen case with dad’s name

Doesn’t matter if your dad has retired, he’ll love this gift. Give him a beautiful, sophisticated wooden pen case with an engraved personal message and a luxurious pen inside with his name inscribed on it. This gift will forever adorn his favorite shelf or office cabinet.

Stylish flask for dad

After a certain age, father can barely “operate” without the daily fix of their favorite rum, whiskey or vodka. Figure out your dad’s poison and gift him the perfect flask to help him carry diluted amounts of his tonic around.

Rotating photo cube with photos

Select numerous cute photos and gift your father the perfect photo cube that he can keep by his bedside and sleep next to every night.

Scenic customized canvas photo frame

Sort through your dad’s favorite images and get one of them printed onto a canvas photo frame.

Branded, inscribed or printed beer mugs and tumbler cups

Get your dad the gift of the century by gifting him inscribed or printed beer mugs and tumbler cups. Make it humorous with a really funny caption or message.

Wine and shot glasses

Does your dad like some sophisticated poison? Then, gift him the perfect shot and wine glasses and make sure that you mention a message that reminds him of his best birthday forever.

Messages to choose from for your dad’s birthday gifts

Wondering what message you should get inscribed on the personalized birthday gifts for dad? Here, start with the simplest suggestions:

Thank you Dad

Parents sacrifice a lot when bringing up children and while most of the credit goes to our amazing mums, fathers often just receive all the praise on two major occasions, father’s day and the birthday. But since it’s his birthday, why not show him your gratitude for everything he has done for you ever since you were born. There’s absolutely no way of measuring what your father has done for you so make this birthday all about him and make sure that you let him know you are eternally grateful to him.

I love you Dad

Sometimes, a lot of families spend a lot of time away studying, working, etc. A lot of families don’t get to enjoy the traditional regular dinners and breakfasts together but don’t let this distance come between you and your father.

These four simple words mean the most so on this birthday, give him this message, “I love You Dad”.

Why reserve the I love You's for girlfriends and mothers when fathers deserve the same? Write something deep from within your heart and recite it to your dad on the birthday and he will be delighted and proud of you.

Greatest Dad Ever

Best dad of the year? Best dad of the century? Best dad of the millennium?

Yep, they are all different and have a time limit. People don’t really think so much but you don’t want to set a time limit on your dad’s greatness. He has always been the best and no matter how many centuries it has been, for you, he will always be the one and only. So, tell him how much he means to you by not awarding him the best dad ever title for a specific time but for all eternity!

*Insert age* years of awesomeness

While we all enjoy being appreciated for playing the grand roles we have played in our family members’, friends and other people’s lives, it wouldn’t hurt to be appreciated for just ourselves.

How about telling your father that he’s been an awesome man and lived an awesome life and played all the roles perfectly? Tell your father that he isn’t just a fantastic father but also a good man, a man who gave you the ideals and wisdom you live by now.

Write your own message for dad

Nothing works better than pouring your heart out. So, it is okay, let the emotions flow and write to your dad. If you have written something very long, you can have it printed on a very stylish, classy paper scroll and gift it along with your personalized gift to your dad. For the short message, pick your letter’s one sentence conclusion and have it inscribed on your gift.

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