Best Birthday Gifts for Wife

✅ Buy personalised birthday gifts for wife online. Romantic birthday gift ideas for wife like photo collage, engraved wine champagne glasses, online caricature frames, romantic night lamp. Best gifts delivered all over India.

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  • Rs 3,499
    This unique caricature photo frame is ideal for decorating your living room and recollecting fond memories of your togetherness with your partner. The artist depicts the couple_s picture animatedly...
    Rs 3,499 In Stock
  • Rs 1,399
    The couple name in big and bold fonts will be engraved on both the wine glass tumbler. It_s a set of two wine tumbler that can be personalized. A perfect gift for anniversaries and birthdays
    Rs 1,399 In Stock
  • Rs 2,999
    Who says girls can_t play anymore? Buy this set of caricature and prove others wrong after all you are a girl who is born to shine like a legend. By seeing you playing basketball, criticizing...
    Rs 2,999 In Stock
  • Rs 599
    Personalized wood engraved keychain with tree style design. The persoalized initials can be engraved along with the design. The engraving is deep and lasts long. The resolution and detailing is...
    Rs 599 In Stock
  • Rs 2,499
    This gift is for the over achiever, and who always work very hard for success. Gift this beautiful custom caricature photo frame to her on any special occasion. Our caricature artist will hand draw...
    Rs 2,499 In Stock
  • Rs 849 Was: Rs 999 Up To 15% off
    Put your wedding day or anniversary day photo here, with the name of the couple and the date of engagement or the wedding day. Its a classic designer wall art photo frame for your living room or...
    Reduced price!
    Rs 849 In Stock
  • New
    Rs 2,799 Was: Rs 3,499 Up To 20% off
    This design is all about love and romance. You and your partner's caricature will be drawn in this style. Such a wonderful artwork to get framed and put in your living room!
    Reduced price!
    Rs 2,799 In Stock
  • New
    Rs 899
    Its a very unique and stylish vintage look personalised wall clock. Add a name and a message, and gift it your loved one, on any special occasion. The raised transparent protection to the clock,...
    Rs 899 In Stock
  • New
    Rs 1,599
    A two layered designer wall clock for the romantic look. Add your name, anniversary date, or any message and make it a unique decorative wall clock that no one has ever seen before.
    Rs 1,599 In Stock
  • New
    Rs 899
    The engravings on acrylic sheet, when illuminated by LED lights, give a 3D illusion as you can see in the product image. This is the latest trend in night lamp category. Add a personal message on...
    Rs 899 In Stock
  • Rs 299
    A black and golden shade metallic pen on which the name will be lazer engraved. This is a perfect gift for anyone, and what matters here is the personalization involved. It reflects the care and...
    Rs 299 In Stock
  • Sale!
    Rs 1,499
    Surprise your wife on her birthday with this charming personalized wooden frame. The superior quality canvas of the wooden frame portrays the lovely images of your wife which will make her feel...
    Rs 1,499 In Stock
  • Rs 3,499
    Gift your future wife with this caricature photo frame and watch how she is left speechless! Even with a hilarious depiction of the couple, the sweet romantic message of yours is clearly seen in...
    Rs 3,499 In Stock
  • Rs 2,999
    Many years before you read a book naming _Around the world in eighty days_ and still after many years, your dream off going to different places still remained empty. You can relive your own dream,...
    Rs 2,999 In Stock
  • Rs 599
    Two beautiful keychains with your initials engraved in stylish font. Place order online and get it delivered within a week. A useful yet thoughful gift for your loved ones
    Rs 599 In Stock
  • Rs 899
    A unique romantic night lamp for couple and partners. The roses are fixed and cannot be changed, however you can change and customize the message part. Get your own message engraved and gift it to...
    Rs 899 In Stock
  • Rs 2,499
    Caricature photo frame for girl who love to have dogs and cats as pets. Customised caricature faces based on the photos you send, will be used to draw the caricature face. A well framed caricature...
    Rs 2,499 In Stock
  • Rs 849 Was: Rs 999 Up To 15% off
    Upload your favourite collection and get this beautiful personalised wall art for your home. Its a fun surprise gift for your better half, to celebrate your relationship and life.
    Reduced price!
    Rs 849 In Stock
  • New
    Rs 899
    A romantic vintage theme wall clock for couples. The wooden clock can be customised with couple's name to make the product extra premium and personal. The raised transparent cover just adds to the...
    Rs 899 In Stock
  • New
    Rs 1,999
    A quirky and fun decorative wall clock for your bedroom or living room. The fun part is that you can add a message or name and gift it to your loved ones, and surprise them with this wonderful...
    Rs 1,999 In Stock
  • Rs 1,399
    Set of two beer glass tumblers, with bride on one mug and groom on other. The anniversary date written below the cutout engravings. You can add the names as well if you wish
    Rs 1,399 In Stock
  • Rs 299
    Grey and golden shade pen, comes with a box. Get personalized engravings on the box, as well as name on the pen. With your customization and message, you can make this a perfect gift pen set for...
    Rs 299 In Stock
  • Rs 3,499
    Your husband deserves some special treatment on your wedding day and what better way than gifting him with this funny yet adorable caricature photo frame with cartoon images of you two. Surely no...
    Rs 3,499 In Stock
  • Rs 1,399
    Personalized wine glass tumbler for couples. Get your name and initials engraved along with a message. A classic collection in your bar accessories collection, or a perfect gift for your loved ones
    Rs 1,399 In Stock

Best Birthday Gifts for Wife Online

A soulmate, a friend, a wife, She is your companion for life. Shower your wife with your affections by giving her the most perfect gift on her birthday. Choose from a range of creative gifts that will make her eyes sparkle with surprise. Birthday’s are special for two reasons - one, the wishes from your loved ones and second the new and exciting gifts each year.

Your wife’s birthday is surely reason to celebrate. But, this birthday don’t just celebrate with her, make it more memorable to deepen your life-time bond by getting a perfect birthday for your wife that is unique in every way. We promise your wife will be surprised, both by the gift and your thoughtfulness.

Our specialized gifts section offers a wide array of personalized gifts for your wife to choose from which will ensure it’s not difficult to find the right gift for your wife. She is bound to be impressed. 

Birthday Gifts by Type

Birthday Gift Ideas Wife

Gifts by price

Photo Gifts

Photo frames, photo key chain, photo cushions, photo wall clock, magnets

under INR 500

Caricature Gifts

Caricautre frame, caricature magnets, caricature wall clock, caricature cushion, caricture poster

INR 500 - INR 1500

Useful Gifts

Engraved Pen, Beer Mugs, Personalised Wine Glasses, Champagne glasses, shot glasses, whiskey glasses, wall clock, t-shirt

above 1500

Unique Gifts

caricature on canvas, caricature poster, designer wall clocks

Gifts on Discount

Creative Gifts

round wall clock, LED night lamp, USB pen, hip flasks

Newly launched

Home Décor

Wall art, Caricature Posters, Brother photo frames, cutout fridge magnets, printed cushions

Products on Sale

Top five Personalised Gifts for Wife - Birthday Gift Ideas

  • Photo Canvas with custom quote : Select your favorite picture together. A picture that truly reflects the bond your share as husband and wife. And add a beautiful romantic quotation below the picture, just as you see in the template. If you are a writer yourself, you can write your own love message for your wife. Or select from many of our hand picked romantic messages for your wife. The choice is yours, and you need to give time to create the perfect gift for your partner
  •  ✪ LED Personalized Romantic Night Lamp: If you guys like to keep a little light on in the night, this could be the perfect gift for both of you. The flat night lamp, gives the illusion of 3D balloons (heart shaped), when illuminated. The lamp comes with a personalized engraving. You can get a message, your name, birth date, or anything engraved on this night lamp.

  • Engraved Champagne Glass with a  Message: Another interesting gift product for your wife, would be custom engraved champagne glasses. It comes in set of two glasses, which can be personalized. You will be amazed to see our beautiful templates which you can customize easily. Each branded champagne glasses, are engraved fresh, and prepared only when you place your order. It's can be completely customized from scratch.

  • Fridge Magnets with Photo and Message : These are the cute little gifts you should gift your wife on any occasion. Pick two three photos, and few lovy-dovy templates, and create these high quality fridge magnets. Club this with any other gift, and they would definitely compliment each other, just like the you two!

  • Artworks – Caricature Portraits or Pencil Sketch: If you are willing to spend few extra bucks for your wife, you can go ahead with these super creative and exclusive caricature products. The artworks are drawn by caricature and sketch artists, specially for your order. Based on the photos you upload, they will draw your partner's caricature or sketch, and you can gift it to her, as a wonderful frame or print on canvas. These are one of the hot selling products at our store. Wives love these super caricature products! 

Romantic Gift Ideas for her Birthday

Making small sweet gestures and buying gifts for wife can not only spark up the love in your life but also make your wife feel loved and special. So, why not? Whether it’s her birthday or your anniversary, her achievement at office or her big break day, you don’t need to find a perfect reason or wait for a perfect season to buy a gift for your wife.

So are you ready to sweep her off her feet? When looking for gifts for wife, a million dollar question always wanders in one’s mind – ‘what to gift a wife?’  India houses some of the best gift stores; although you may find many such gift stores in your city, if you are a busy man who doesn’t have time to go around the city looking for a personalized gift for a wife, opting for online gift stores will suit your schedule perfectly.

But this doesn’t mean you are limiting your options; infact they just went multifold. With many companies venturing into online gifting ideas’ business, you get the best of the e-gifting for your wife.

Top five things you can gift as First Birthday gift for wife after marriage.

photo gifts for wife

✰ The Best Wife Photo Canvas in Red

Select two of your favourite photos, and put it along side a romantic message written over red background. The style is unique and catchy. Tell your wife, that she is the best, because she is attractive, caring, intelligent, honest, loving, passionate, romantic, sweet and witty. She is all in one, your soulmate. This personalised gift for her, is available online. Just upload two photos and our artist will set the template for your. The print is done on canvas, which is gallery mount over a wooden frame. This frame can easily be mounted on wall, to add style to home decor.

Best wife photo canvas gift

✰ Wife Canvas Printed Photo Gift

This design asks for one good photo for your wife, the one which is your favourite and truly depicts her personality, like working in an office, or making food, or playing with children, or sitting and reading newspaper. The same photo will be used in the background, with a nice dark pink color overlay for style. And with a creative stylish way, my beautiful wife, I love you will be written over it. This is sure gonna impress your wife on her birthday. This is truly a unique and exclusive photo gift for her. The price is quite low, and this product can easily be ordered online from our website. It just takes 5-6 days for delivery if you are in a hurry!

happy wife canvas gifts

✰ Collage Photo Print for Wife - Yellow

People say, happy wife means happy life. This is so true, and you must be knowing it by now. It’s her birthday, and you can gift her a personalised photo collage canvas frame. It’s so different than the ordinary photo prints as the templates are very stylish and designed by experts. One of the frame has three of your favorite photos, and on end side, its written in big bold letters - Happy Wife Happy Life with a small signature of you and your wife’s name. The prints are vibrant, the quality of canvas is good, and its mounted around a wooden frame. The size is big enough (A3) to put it on a wall to add style to your home decor. Its time to surprise gift your wife this beautiful photo gift.

photo clock for wife

✰ Custom Photo Wall Clock for Wife 

This customised wall clock will have you and your wife picture on it. A clear and bold message telling that she is the best wife in this world. Imagine her surprise, when she gets this gift on her birthday. She will love you for this. And unlike any personalised gifts, this will have a daily use as well. Every day you look at the time in this clock, and it automatically brings smile on your face. The wall clock is big is size (A3) and covered with a transparent hard acrylic in front for protection. This wall clock comes with a wall mount, and can easily be placed on any kind of wall. The premium quality wall clock is designed specially for your wife, and it can be ordered online from 

personalised caricature frame for wife

✰ Personalised Caricature Gifts for Bossy Wife

There is no doubt that the wife is your boss in the house that completely dictated by this funny, yet unique photo frame. Wife sitting on the couch like a queen and husband doing all the work is something that you can only find where the couples are mad at each other.You can gift this beautiful caricature to your gorgeous wife this Valentine or her birthday. There is no set occasion for these types of funny, yet precious gift. It may bring the tears of laughter in her eyes, and she may hug immediately after seeing it.Your life partner does lots of sacrifices only to put a smile on your face. That۪s why you must surprise her on time to time. This way you can show what her place in your life is and how you respect her from the core of the heart. Add some lovable memories to your life now!

What is the best birthday gift for wife?

At a junction of personalized and remarkable gifts in online gift stores, is a place you will find that brings you a complete showcase of gift ideas which are unique in their own way.  If you are looking for frames – you will find wonderful choices of silver frames, glass frames, heart-shaped crystal frame, and much more. Wow! So much for frames! Well you just started looking. Peep into the unique range of caricature gifts which will make for a cool gift for your wife.  

Looking at her magnet caricature cut out, she will certainly burst out in laughter. That’s priceless! If you are rejoicing a moment of togetherness, make it perfect with crystal memento gift for your wife.  While she read your true feelings expressed on that piece, she will be all tears with joy. You can do this with the Canvas gifts as well – capture a gorgeous picture of her on the canvas with ‘I love you’ scribbled on it – that would be a magical moment for her and you won’t want to miss it.

Your Wife is the like a life line of your wonderful life; she breathes compassion into your life. So add that dash of romance in the air while rejoicing her presence in your life.  Mesmerize her with a romantic gift; not just celebrate a day, celebrate the occasion of life, the occasion of togetherness. So did you buy a gift for your wife yet?

Keep these in mind if your wife's birthday is coming soon

If your Wife’s birthday is coming up and you're stumped for gift ideas, remember: it really is the thought that counts. While shopping for birthday gifts for wife in general can be tricky, it can get even more frustrating finding something she already doesn't have. While chocolates, dinners or cakes all mean well (and taste great), this year, try focusing on things she really needs and can use for the rest of the year.

If she is a fitness lover, get her something she can use at the gym or if she loves to travel, get her something that will keep her inspired. Experiences, like all-day spa appointments or a surprise rock climbing lesson, always tend to be a hit as well.

Dezains offers wide range of personalized and creative gifting options for your wife. You can buy romantic gifts for your wife online, and we delivery across India. If you are looking for something special – you can go for our specially created personalized caricature gifts for wife.

Just upload a front facing photo and select the suitable theme and our caricature artists will hand-draw the caricature of your wife from the photo. You can get this stunning piece of work printed on canvas, frame, mugs, t-shirts or laptop bags.

Birthdays come but once a year. They are indeed, very special and worth making the most of. If you are looking for best birthday gift for wife, we have made a list of few awesome things that you can gift her apart from our personalized gifts collection.

We have tried to shed light on would-be wonderful gifts, ideas and time well spent on such a significant occasion. Ideas are varied and plentiful, people.

What should I gift my wife on her first birthday?

1) Take her someplace special

No, it doesn’t need to be an expensive international holiday. Think of her favorite hang-outs like a local coffee shop, the beach or a special restaurant. If you’ve got more energy, then plan an adventure sport, bowling trip or paint-balling activity. Whatever you do, try to pick up on any hints and ensure it’s something suited to her tastes.

If you are newly married, then asks her friends about the places she used to hang out, her favourite past time during college days. And arrange a surprise for her, by taking her down to the memory lane! Gift her same day delivery flowers and chocolates. Gift her delicious birthday chocolates and cakes

2) Party like it’s 1999

A bit of dancing and a few cocktails never hurt anyone. Grab the mojito mix, turn on an old Vengaboys album and get in a party mode! Maybe invite a few nearest and dearest. The more the merrier! People change when they grow old. This birthday make her 2-3 years younger, just by acting like a teenage. Loud music, crazy dance moves, vodka and tequila shots, and what not! Party like a boy and girl in love.

3) Get the gift of her dreams

If she’s anything like most females, then she’ll have an idea of what she wants. Take a look around, ask her mom and if need be, just ask her! The last thing she needs is a gift that’ll sit on the shelf for years to come.

Sometime, people are really looking for something, but for some reason they don't buy it themselves. You got to figure out, if your wife has something of this sort, in her mind. If yes! then you my dear husband, have hit a jackpot. Go for it, and it will be the best birthday gift ever!

4) Make a big deal

She may tell you on multiple occasions that she wants a very relaxed and calm celebration with no fuss but, she doesn’t really. Get a cake, candles and champagne. Make her feel special and be sure to throw in a surprise at some stage! As we grow old, birthdays just become like any other day. As kids, the kids used to take initiative. The excitement starts a week before the actual day. So make it a big deal for her. Its your wife's birthday! Start planning, talking about it a week before. Make it sound like your wedding, and she will be so happy so this love.

5) Know when to stop

While making her day by treating her like a princess is advised, over-doing it is not. If a huge party isn’t something she’d usually go for then take note and STOP. The last thing you want is an embarrassed and get mad at you. Ask the advice of family, friends and pitch some hypothetical situations to the lady herself. Of course, she is your wife, and you must be knowing, how much you can extent this celebration.

6) Write a card that matters Words matter.

The simple ‘happy birthday’ message won’t cut it, I’m afraid. Tell her how you feel how much she means to you and remind her of how great she is. She’ll probably keep the card for a while in the future so make sure she can look back on it with a smile. Many a times, you must have heard things like - "Earlier you used to make so many things for me, now you don't even write a love letter..." Wives loves hand made things.

It assures them, that their husband, took out time from their busy schedule, and made something for her. However bad the design or DIY stuff comes out to be, its the time, love and care that matters. So buy few crayons and start making something for your wife.

7) Say what you feel

Speak your mind and don’t wait until you’ve had a few drinks. People like to be told how special they are. Sure, actions speak louder than words but words will stick in her head (and heart) for years to come. Not everyone is expressive. But atleast, during her birthday week, try to speak your heart out. You might find it awkward at once, and feel uncomfortable, but do it for her birthday. Its kind of an emotional birthday gift for her.

8) Remember how it felt

If she’s as good a friend as you are to her, then she’ll have made you feel special on your birthday. Keep this in mind and know that, when you’re showing extra kindness, it feels just wonderful! Your days are what you make of them so make them count both for you and yours.

Have you done anything extra-special for a friend on their birthday? Remember birthday is just another day, you got to celebrate your life. And if its your wife's birthday, you get a day to celebrate your relationship. Gifts don't matter much, what you say to her, how you spend your time with her, and what you do for her, will count the most! Stay blessed!