Personalized Birthday Gifts for Wife

Buy gifts for wife online from the exclusive range of wife gifts such as caricature products, engraved keychains, customized wine and champagne glasses and more.
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  • An impressive 3D illusion night lamp, which projects a teddy bear. You can add a personal message, date or name to personalize it for the recipients. The LED base in included in the product along...
    Rs 899
    Rs 899 In Stock
  • A white metallic finsih pen, which will have a name engraved as per your request. It comes in an organic eco friendly wooden box. The best thing about this gift pen set, is that you can even...
    Rs 299
    Rs 299 In Stock
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    Share the special bond with your boyfriend as you surprise him with this adorably designed personalized canvas photo frame. The romantic picture of the couple on the superior quality canvas is...
    Rs 1,499
    Rs 1,499 In Stock
  • Personalized wood engraved keychain with tree style design. The persoalized initials can be engraved along with the design. The engraving is deep and lasts long. The resolution and detailing is...
    Rs 599
    Rs 599 In Stock
  • A sytlish and modern night lamp having a romantic theme. A pefrect gift for your partner on birthdays and anniversary. The engravings on the acrylic when lit over LED lights, give a nice 3D effect....
    Rs 899
    Rs 899 In Stock
  • A black and golden shade metallic pen on which the name will be lazer engraved. This is a perfect gift for anyone, and what matters here is the personalization involved. It reflects the care and...
    Rs 299
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  • If you're looking for a special gift for your significant other, this personalized wall clock is a very good option. The quality is good, and the best part, is that its customizable.
    Rs 1,899
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    Surprise your wife on her birthday with this charming personalized wooden frame. The superior quality canvas of the wooden frame portrays the lovely images of your wife which will make her feel...
    Rs 1,499
    Rs 1,499 In Stock
  • The couple name in big and bold fonts will be engraved on both the wine glass tumbler. It_s a set of two wine tumbler that can be personalized. A perfect gift for anniversaries and birthdays
    Rs 1,399
    Rs 1,399 In Stock
  • This personalized magnet is the perfect gift in your living room. Surprise your wife with this personalized photo magnet which displays a romantic message and a lovely picture of the couple in the...
    Rs 399
    Rs 399 In Stock
  • It comes n blue as well as red LED base mount. The stylish night lamp is engraved and customized as per the message given by you. The design is oriented for loving couples and partners with two...
    Rs 899
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  • Grey and golden shade pen, comes with a box. Get personalized engravings on the box, as well as name on the pen. With your customization and message, you can make this a perfect gift pen set for...
    Rs 299
    Rs 299 In Stock
  • Let your wife know how much you adore her as she goes to the kitchen for her morning coffee. The personalized photo magnet is easily decorated on refrigerators which portray cute couple_s image and...
    Rs 399
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  • 3D effect teddy bear shaped night lamp made of acrylic and LED base mount. It_s a customized night lamp, which you can customize by adding a message or name. A perfect gift option for your loved ones.
    Rs 899
    Rs 899 In Stock
  • The ball pen comes with a wooden box. As in the product image you can see, apart from the name engraved on the pen, you also get to add personalization to the box. Surprise your loved ones with...
    Rs 299
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Surprise your wife on her birthday with Customized Gifts 

If your Wife’s birthday is coming up and you're stumped for gift ideas, remember: it really is the thought that counts. While shopping for birthday gifts for wife in general can be tricky, it can get even more frustrating finding something she already doesn't have. While chocolates, dinners or cakes all mean well (and taste great), this year, try focusing on things she really needs and can use for the rest of the year. If she is a fitness lover, get her something she can use at the gym or if she loves to travel, get her something that will keep her inspired. Experiences, like all-day spa appointments or a surprise rock climbing lesson, always tend to be a hit as well.

What we recommend ?

So, this is one of our unique and creative offering. We have some very talented caricature artist, who will draw caricatures based on your photos. You can later put them on different pre defined themes that we have. Get these caricature artwork on t-shirts, photo frame, canvas prints, mugs, posters, cushions and more

Caricature Canvas for Wife

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artist will hand draw the caricatures

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Dezains offers wide range of personalized and creative gifting options for your wife. If you are looking for something special – you can go for our specially created personalized caricature gifts for wife. Just upload a front facing photo and select the suitable theme and our caricature artists will hand-draw the caricature of your wife from the photo. You can get this stunning piece of work printed on canvas, frame, mugs, t-shirts or laptop bags. Birthdays come but once a year. They are indeed, very special and worth making the most of. If you are looking for best birthday gift for wife, we have made a list of few awesome things that you can gift her apart from our personalized gifts collection. If you are looking online for unique wife birthday gift and planning to send a beautiful birthday gift to wife we have many things to offer. Some of the interesting gifts for wife birthday or gifts for wife on birthday would be hand drawn caricature gifts. Even the engraved wood and glasses make a very creative gifts for wife for birthday

10 gifts that are so emotional, it will make your wife cry

emotional birthday gifts for wife

10 Uncommon electronic gadget that would actually be useful for your wife

gadgets and electronics birthday gifts for wife

Planning to gift a jewelry to wife ? You should look at this compelling list

Jewelry for birthday gift to wife

Top 10 impressive home and kitchen appliances for wife that will saver her so much time

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Gift Cards, Spa Packages and Adventure Sports – What package should you gift to your wife?

spa and gift certificate to wife on her birthdaySorted list of reasonably priced but fashionable dresses you could gift to your wife

dress for wife

Choose from assorted collection of imported perfumes at reasonable prices for your wife

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More ideas on what to gift to your wife on her birthday

Searching online for birthday gift to wife, and landing on this page is not very strange, but quite common. We offer the best gifts for wife on her birthday. Shop online and give the most unique and creative birthday gift to wife. Buy a birthday gift for wife from us, and be assured that she is going to love the gift. With our experience we have designed gifts with messages and templates, that we know a lady will like to get / hear from husband. If you are newly married, then you can use our filter to search for a birthday gift for new wife. You can share ideas for wife birthday gift, and in future we might include those products in our list. How cool would that be ! Send us photos pictures related to wife's birthday and we will try our best to incorporate that in our product list. It will be an easy birthday gift for wife, if you shop online at

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Read some Interesting Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

If you are looking for some really cool ideas for gifts to your wife, we could help you in that. Think of something that you wife feels special about, may be something about you, or something you two share. Finalized on a message that she would love to hear from you, something that you rarely tell her. And then put this message on a mug, or a pillow, so that she see it daily and feel loved! Or if the budget allows caricature can be the best gift idea for wife on her birthday. Describe your wife's habits, likes, dislikes, favorite stars, hobbies etc, and get a artist drawn caricature poster made of it! It could be the best birthday gift idea of 2016. Another unique birthday gift idea for wife, would be any of our engraved product. It will be an awesome an creative gift option.

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Good Romantic Birthday Gifts to Wife

Our designs have variety. Some of them are romantic, some of them are funny, some of them are emotional and serious, and some casual. You can find romantic gifts for wife who is turning 40, 30, 25, 35, 29, 39, or any age! Good wife birthday gift, doesn't necessarily mean that the product should be costly. Even a simple mug, can become very precious if printed with right message to reflect love and emotion, or daily chit-chats that husband-wife does. Present your wife with a beautiful and cool gift, now that you got so much idea about gifts for wife on birthday.

birthday gifts for wife

We ship across India, so you need not worry, which city you want the gift sent to. We process the gifts at our warehouse in Hyderabad, and Mumbai, and ship across India within 2-3 days. So the perfect gift for your wife can be delivered pan India - and you shop online at the comfort of your home. The delivery is free if your order exceeds certain amount.

Things you should keep in mind, when its your wife's Birthday

1) Take her someplace special

No, it doesn’t need to be an expensive international holiday. Think of her favorite hang-outs like a local coffee shop, the beach or a special restaurant. If you’ve got more energy, then plan an adventure sport, bowling trip or paint-balling activity. Whatever you do, try to pick up on any hints and ensure it’s something suited to her tastes.

2) Party like it’s 1999

A bit of dancing and a few cocktails never hurt anyone. Grab the mojito mix, turn on an old Vengaboys album and get in a party mode! Maybe invite a few nearest and dearest. The more the merrier!

3) Get the gift of her dreams

If she’s anything like most females, then she’ll have an idea of what she wants. Take a look around, ask her mom and if need be, just ask her! The last thing she needs is a gift that’ll sit on the shelf for years to come.

4) Make a big deal

She may tell you on multiple occasions that she wants a very relaxed and calm celebration with no fuss but, she doesn’t really. Get a cake, candles and champagne. Make her feel special and be sure to throw in a surprise at some stage! Make it a lovely day for her, and the day lovely.

5) Know when to stop

While making her day by treating her like a princess is advised, over-doing it is not. If a huge party isn’t something she’d usually go for then take note and STOP. The last thing you want is an embarrassed and get mad at you. Ask the advice of family, friends and pitch some hypothetical situations to the lady herself.

6) Write a card that matters Words matter.

The simple ‘happy birthday’ message won’t cut it, I’m afraid. Tell her how you feel how much she means to you and remind her of how great she is. She’ll probably keep the card for a while in the future so make sure she can look back on it with a smile.

7) Say what you feel

Speak your mind and don’t wait until you’ve had a few drinks. People like to be told how special they are. Sure, actions speak louder than words but words will stick in her head (and heart) for years to come.

8) Remember how it felt

If she’s as good a friend as you are to her, then she’ll have made you feel special on your birthday. Keep this in mind and know that, when you’re showing extra kindness, it feels just wonderful! Your days are what you make of them so make them count both for you and yours. Have you done anything extra-special for a friend on their birthday?