Personalized Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend offers a selection of custom & personalized birthday gifts for girlfriend. Browse gifts for girlfriend through the website and purchase it at affordable prices.

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    Product DetailsSize (aprox) : 12 x 12 inches Frame thickness: 8mm Weight : 400 gms Frame Material : Acrylic Wall mount : Yes Table top : No (Size is big enough to keep it on table) Personalised :...
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    The engravings on acrylic sheet, when illuminated by LED lights, give a 3D illusion as you can see in the product image. This is the latest trend in night lamp category. Add a personal message on...
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    A perfect gift for someone turning 18 or 21, or any age whatsoever! A happy birthday engraved beer mug with the name of the person and his age engraved in stylish way on the mug.This is a premium...
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    Rs 2,968 Was: Rs 4,239 Up To 30% off
    A sweet and romantic caricature theme by us. Just get your photos caricatured (our artist will do that for you) and gift this wonderful artwork framed to your loving partner. Its a cute and unique...
    Rs 2,968 In Stock
  • Rs 845 Was: Rs 1,127 Up To 25% off
    Set of two whiskey glasses engraved with Cheers in stylish font, along with the name of a person. Customize it for your friends and family and gift this set on special occasions.About the Product...
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    A professional artist will hand draw a customized poster, based on your description. Show how much you know the person by incorporating them in the poster. The caricature face will be drawn using...
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    Rs 2,790 Was: Rs 3,488 Up To 20% off
    A professional artist will hand draw a customized poster, based on your description. Show how much you know the person by incorporating them in the poster. The caricature face will be drawn using...
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    It's a set of two beautifully designed champagne glasses, that you can gift to any couple or your partner on anniversary, birthdays or any special occasion. The engravings will be personalized as...
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    Photos Requirement for Better Results Better the quality of photos, better the outcome would be. We recommend you to send high-resolution pics, which are clear and focussed. The photos will be...
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    Rs 2,551 Was: Rs 3,644 Up To 30% off
    Creative artwork based wall clock. And the best part is that its personalized with your own caricature faces. The faces will be hand drawn by professional artists based on the photos you...
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    A romantic love letter styled night lamp for lovebirds. The product is handy as it doesn't need external power source to lighten up! It can be kept on book shelves, table top,  bedside table or at...
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    A creative personal diary to jot down ideas that come to our creative mind. Its a perfect gift suited for dad, mom, friends, siblings, partners, boss, teacher or yourself. The diary comes with a...
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    About the product These are framed personalized artwork which are printed on canvas. The clock is attached to the canvas print, and its well placed inside the frame. The outer part is covered by...
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    About the product These are gallery wrapped canvas prints on wooden frames. Your photos and messages will be used in the selected template 'as seen in the sample product photo' to create a...
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    Who says girls can_t play anymore? Buy this set of caricature and prove others wrong after all you are a girl who is born to shine like a legend. By seeing you playing basketball, criticizing...
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    Product Description Keyring: These are round wooden keychains. These will be engraved as per the personalization details provided by you. The product image that you see, is a design that we have...
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    Get a name engraved on this elegant metallic pen and gift it to your loved ones on various occasions. The pen comes with a wooden box on which you can get a personalised message engraved in a...
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    This gift is for the over achiever, and who always work very hard for success. Gift this beautiful custom caricature photo frame to her on any special occasion. Our caricature artist will hand draw...
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    About the product These are framed wall hangings with your photos and messages. The sample photos, and messages in the template will be replaced by the photos you provide us while placing the...
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    Product DetailsSize : 12 x 12 inches Frame thickness: 8mm Weight : 400 gms Frame Material : Wood Front Cover : Acrylic Wall mount : Yes Table top : No (Size is big enough to keep it on table)...
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    Product DetailsSize (aprox) : 12 x 12 inches Frame thickness: 8mm Weight : 400 gms Frame Material : Acrylic Wall mount : Yes Table top : No (Size is big enough to keep it on table) Personalised :...
    Rs 1,638 In Stock
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    Rs 1,299
    The engravings on acrylic sheet, when illuminated by LED lights, give a 3D illusion as you can see in the product image. This is the latest trend in night lamp category. Add a personal message on...
    Rs 1,299 In Stock
  • Rs 761 Was: Rs 1,014 Up To 25% off
    Engraved beer mug with a personalized name and stylish engraving in big fonts reading - Feel Good. A perfect gift to enjoy a good time with friends and partners. This is a premium ocean brand beer...
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    Rs 2,968 Was: Rs 4,239 Up To 30% off
    A very romantic caricature photo frame that we will personalise with your caricature faces. This will be special and unique gift for your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend on special occasions...
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There are plenty of good birthday gifts for girlfriend available online. We present you the best among all such gifts. There are many designs which are made especially keeping in mind the occasion of birthday. If you need to find the perfect present for her, you just need to browse through our collection of beautiful and romantic gifts for her. Gifts that she would love to receive.

Bar accessories, engraved glasses could be a great gifts for girlfriend's birthday. One a customer told us - "I gifted a lovely caricature frame your website to my girlfriend on her birthday - and she jumped with joy on seeing it". If you want same for your partner, you should choose such unique and creative gifts. Relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend in important, and cute little gifts like these on special occasions make the bond stronger. There are several photo gifts for her, which you can choose from. Get collage, frames, canvases, posters, mugs and more. Personalized printed cushions are latest trend these days, and you could gift your girlfriend the same.

Birthday Gifts by Type

Birthday Gift Ideas

Gifts by price

Photo Gifts

Photo frames, photo key chain, photo cushions, photo wall clock, magnets

under INR 500

Caricature Gifts

Caricautre frame, caricature magnets, caricature wall clock, caricature cushion, caricture poster

INR 500 - INR 1500

Useful Gifts

Engraved Pen, Beer Mugs, Personalised Wine Glasses, Champagne glasses, shot glasses, whiskey glasses, wall clock, t-shirt

above 1500

Unique Gifts

caricature on canvas, caricature poster, designer wall clocks

Gifts on Discount

Creative Gifts

round wall clock, LED night lamp, USB pen, hip flasks

Newly launched

Home Décor

Wall art, Caricature Posters, Brother photo frames, cutout fridge magnets, printed cushions

Products on Sale

Personalized gifts for girlfriend available at your fingertips!

Looking forward to impress that special person in your life? Well, you need to make some efforts here. After all, she is the girl of your dreams! Although relationships are above materialistic things, receiving gifts on occasions makes one happy. It shows how far you can go to see a smile on your loved one’s face. Imagine your girlfriend waking up on her birthday to discover her room lit up with beautifully adorned bouquets, a perfectly wrapped gift, and some love quotes! It feels special. It feels being loved.

Birthdays are special for everyone. So why not make it memorable by giving your girlfriend some special birthday gifts? At Dezains, we will help you get some amazing ideas on personalized gifts for girlfriend. Let us deliver beautifully packaged gifts of your choice to her.

Would you like to get the birthday gift delivered as a surprise present at her doorstep? We will make sure your lady love is elated to see the surprise. If you are in a long distance relationship, we can help you plan something amazing for the day. Give her a surprise and strengthen the bond you share. Our personalized birthday gift ideas will let you keep the excitement in your relationship intact.

Why Buy Online Gifts for girlfriend?

Gifts play vital role in a relationship to develop healthy and loving bonds. From playing a simple gesture of love and appreciation towards your girlfriend to bringing a smile on her face, giving the right gift shows just how much you understand and care for her. A well-chosen birthday gift is special because it shows how much you know about her personality, likes, dislikes, preferences, and distinctive quirks. However, given the hectic schedules and absence of quirky gifts in marketplace, Dezains serve as the right place to browse and choose perfect gifts for girlfriend. It not only gives you the freedom to shop at your convenient time and place but also offers huge collection of products for gifting.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend at Dezains

Choose from our personalized gifts collection such as couple picture clock, pencil sketch, pencil sketch with frame, caricature photo frames and personalized magnets. 3D night lamps, personalized caricature T-shirt, personalized pen with engraved box, caricature poster, engraved key chains, personalized magnets, caricature canvas, photo collage, are just some more gift options available for you.

Gifts for your Fashionable Girlfriend

You are head over heels with your fashionista. Great! Have you planned something as cool and elegant as she is, on her special day? Choose from our trendiest and exclusive gifts for girlfriend options to make her feel on top of the world. Get mugs, bouquets, mugs, teddies, cushions and other items customized to match the taste of your lady love.

The Fitness Freak

Your girl loves to keep herself healthy and fit. Explore our exclusive range of products crafted just to suit the taste of your fitness conscious girlfriend. Check our caricature T-shirt range. She will love to wear it to the gym. We will arrange for some beautiful love quotes ready to be engraved on key rings, written on cushions, frames, clocks and more. Let us know what you wish to do and we will plan it all. The surprise gift will reach the place and time as decided by you.

Don’t want us to deliver? Pick the gifts from us or get it delivered directly to you through our efficient custom delivery services.

Short of time? Don’t worry. We will not let your lady love down. Choose from our same day and even midnight delivery options. Midnight gifts are a huge hit with our clients. Sending gifts at midnight is a wonderful way to make your love feel very special.

Caricature Fun

We create gift caricatures from photos. These are delivered all over India at reasonable prices. If you are looking for adding some fun element to birthday gift for girlfriend, let us design a caricature. These unique gifts are personalized and just made for your precise requirements. If you dream of something unique, funny, and impressive, let us know. We'll bring your ideas to reality!

Personalized caricatures at Dezains are a quirky yet fun way to impress your girlfriend on her birthday. They reflect your sense of humor. All you need to do is send in a picture of your sweetheart and expect some wonderful effects.

We offer 2D and 3D caricatures that capture one’s personality to precision. Create some beautiful memories with our ‘birthday special’ personalized caricatures. These are very popular with our clients.

How it Works with Dezains

Visit our birthday gifts for girlfriend page and look for some unique ideas for gifting your love on the day she was born. As one of the leading premium gifting portal, Dezains have been delivering gifts and bringing smile on customer’s faces since years. Our patrons vouch for the quality of gifts we offer at affordable range.

Explore through a huge number of gift ideas for girlfriend and get them personalized as per your specific requirements. You may let us know the personality, preferences, and interests of your girl and we will offer you the best options that perfectly fit into those specifications. Whether your girlfriend is a science student, an architect, fashionista, fitness freak, animal lover, bookworm, or a nature lover, we will help you impress her on the special occasion.

Right from our signature box bouquets to chocolate arrangements, personalized teddy bears, lamps, cushions, caricatures, wine glasses, frames, and clocks, we will deliver gifts to your love in the most pristine condition. Our staff will leave no efforts to make your loved one feel truly special. With us, you don't just get a personalized product. You can expect a designer and elegantly customized product. That's what gives us an edge over our competitors! We deliver love and awesomeness everywhere across India.

Seal the Deal

We accept all payment modes including:

- Internet Banking

- Online Transfer

- Credit Card

- Debit Card

Do you have something else on your mind? Would you like us to create something unique for your girl’s special occasion? Let us know your requirements and we will leave no efforts to add life to your imagination.

Thoughts Behind a Thoughtful Gift

Being thoughtful means thinking about her likes and dislikes and come up with a gift that will be meaningful. There is a certain challenge about giving a gift to a girl who you’re not dating verses giving a gift to someone you are dating. There is much to consider. Does she love clothes and jewelry? If so, get her a sweater to compliment the color of her eyes, or a charm bracelet. Is she a brainy bookworm? Then get her a gift certificate to a bookstore, or send her an electronic book in the genre of her interest. The key is to find out what her interests are and get a gift that she is bound to love.

Avoid Spending Too Much Money

It is important to know that you should not spend a great deal of money on a gift for a girl who you are not currently dating or is not your girlfriend. It is best to take her out to show a good time. If she likes the movies, opt to get movie tickets and place them in a greeting card.

Gifts for Creative Types

Find out if your birthday girl likes to journal and give her a decorative journal book or notebook. Depending on your comfort level, you can ask her if she would like to go out and celebrate with you. Place an inspirational bookmark inside the journal where you can write an inspirational birthday message such as, “Each new day holds the promise of happiness and peace of mind. It is another opportunity to embark on a new journey, another day to celebrate life. Today, you are celebrating your Birthday. I would love to go out and celebrate it with you.”

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