Personalized Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend offers a selection of custom and personalized birthday gifts for boyfriend. Browse gifts through the website and purchase it at affordable prices.

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    Rs 799
    A perfect gift for someone turning 18 or 21, or any age whatsoever! A happy birthday engraved beer mug with the name of the person and his age engraved in stylish way on the mug.
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    Rs 888
    Set of two whiskey glasses engraved with Cheers in stylish font, along with the name of a person. Customize it for your friends and family and gift this set on special occasions.
    Rs 888 In Stock
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    A professional artist will hand draw a customized poster, based on your description. Show how much you know the person by incorporating them in the poster. The caricature face will be drawn using...
    Rs 1,530 In Stock
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    Rs 2,070 Was: Rs 2,588 Up To 20% off
    A professional artist will hand draw a customized poster, based on your description. Show how much you know the person by incorporating them in the poster. The caricature face will be drawn using...
    Rs 2,070 In Stock
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    Rs 1,155
    It's a set of two beautifully designed champagne glasses, that you can gift to any couple or your partner on anniversary, birthdays or any special occasion. The engravings will be personalized as...
    Rs 1,155 In Stock
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    Rs 624
    This is super creative and high-quality fridge magnets, that you can customize with your photos. The magnets have an empty white space, where you can write your own message with a permanent or...
    Rs 624 In Stock
  • Rs 1,399
    It will be a personalized caricature face, with a slogan written on the t-shirt. Get your own caricaturd drawn by our artist, add a quote, and create this crazy awesome t-shirt. You can also wear...
    Rs 1,399 In Stock
  • Rs 299
    A white metallic finsih pen, which will have a name engraved as per your request. It comes in an organic eco friendly wooden box. The best thing about this gift pen set, is that you can even...
    Rs 299 In Stock
  • Rs 299
    Yours boyfriend birthday is coming next week, so make him feel special by gifting him this set of personalized photo magnet which shows that the love for him is forever and is long lasting.
    Rs 299 In Stock
  • Rs 1,519 Was: Rs 1,899 Up To 20% off
    If you're looking for a special gift for your significant other, this personalized wall clock is a very good option. The quality is good, and the best part, is that its customizable.
    Reduced price!
    Rs 1,519 In Stock
  • Rs 899
    Game of thrones inspired hip flask, with the most repeated and quoted quote - Winter is coming . There is pun if you get it. The hip fask can be used to store your favorite single malt. Carry it...
    Rs 899 In Stock
  • Rs 3,999
    Let talented sketch artist, draw an amazing sketch of the person you want. You need to send good quality photo of the person, and our artist will draw pencil sketch based on that. The artwork will...
    Rs 3,999 In Stock
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    Rs 1,919 Was: Rs 2,399 Up To 20% off
    These pencil sketches are hand drawn by actual artists, and NOT randomly made using a software. It has a class of its own, and when presented in a stylish frame, becomes a touching gift!
    Rs 1,919 In Stock
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    Rs 1,874 Was: Rs 2,499 Up To 25% off
    The perfect birthday gift for the friend who is always on the lookout of flaunting his abs! This funny yet creative caricature photo frame is designed by expert artists and made sure that it...
    Rs 1,874 In Stock
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    Rs 1,349 Was: Rs 1,499 Up To 10% off
    Share the special bond with your boyfriend as you surprise him with this adorably designed personalized canvas photo frame. The romantic picture of the couple on the superior quality canvas is...
    Rs 1,349 In Stock
  • Rs 1,399
    The couple name in big and bold fonts will be engraved on both the wine glass tumbler. It_s a set of two wine tumbler that can be personalized. A perfect gift for anniversaries and birthdays
    Rs 1,399 In Stock
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    Rs 2,249 Was: Rs 2,999 Up To 25% off
    Do tell your wife that she is not married to any ordinary man, but her bond is connected with an educated engineer. Take a glimpse of your own life, by purchasing this print canvas caricature and...
    Rs 2,249 In Stock
  • Rs 599
    Personalized wooden engraved key chain with tree styled design. The personalized initials can be engraved along with the design both on the key ring and the set of four coasters.
    Rs 599 In Stock
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    Rs 639 Was: Rs 799 Up To 20% off
    Put your wedding day or anniversary day photo here, with the name of the couple and the date of engagement or the wedding day. Its a classic designer wall art photo frame for your living room or...
    Rs 639 In Stock
  • Rs 899
    Its a very unique and stylish vintage look personalised wall clock. Add a name and a message, and gift it your loved one, on any special occasion. The raised transparent protection to the clock,...
    Rs 899 In Stock
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    Rs 1,359 Was: Rs 1,599 Up To 15% off
    A two layered designer wall clock for the romantic look. Add your name, anniversary date, or any message and make it a unique decorative wall clock that no one has ever seen before.
    Rs 1,359 In Stock
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    Rs 764 Was: Rs 899 Up To 15% off
    The engravings on acrylic sheet, when illuminated by LED lights, give a 3D illusion as you can see in the product image. This is the latest trend in night lamp category. Add a personal message on...
    Rs 764 In Stock
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    Rs 2,624 Was: Rs 3,499 Up To 25% off
    A very romantic caricature photo frame that we will personalise with your caricature faces. This will be special and unique gift for your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend on special occasions...
    Rs 2,624 In Stock
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    Rs 799
    Engraved beer mug with a personalized name and stylish engraving in big fonts reading - Feel Good. A perfect gift to enjoy a good time with friends and partners.
    Rs 799 In Stock

Woo your boyfriend with exciting Birthday gifts!

So your boyfriend’s birthday is just around the corner. Have you thought of making it special? If you wish to make the event memorable for the love of your life but don’t know how to do so, let us help you. Our exclusive range of birthday gifts for boyfriend will let you get ideas on various ways you can make his birthday special and unforgettable. The choice of birthday gifts for boyfriend will be symbol of your togetherness and love.

Importance of Giving Gifts on Birthday

It is almost impossible to imagine celebrating a birthday without gifts. Many of us go through great lengths just to get the best possible gift for our loved one’s birthday. We make the best efforts to get what the recipient wants by understanding their current needs and interests. It often takes hours, or even days trying to finalize on the perfect gift. However, finding suitable birthday gifts is not a hassle anymore!

Gifts are often given to people whom we value deeply like that special person, boyfriend. It is one of the ways of showing our fondness. A gift giving ritual helps our loved ones know how much we care and pay attention to them. For instance, if the birthday gift is based on a particular liking, taste or need of your loved one and you present him the same, you can now imagine the smile on his face when you get it for him on his birthday.

Many a time, birthday gifts play a keepsake for loved ones. After all, we want to be remembered always by those we love. By giving someone a personalized gift on birthday, the item serves as a keepsake.

 Although a wish comes straight from heart, presents too play an important role. So celebrate your man’s birthday like anything and make every moment memorable.

Making Choices

It is fun giving someone you care about a gift. However, when it is about giving gifts for boyfriend, it can be tough to choose a gift. You may want to give a gift that is reflective of your feelings for him without being going overboard.

At Dezains, we will help you undertake this tough task with ease. All you need to do is take careful note of his interests. Supply this information to us and we will use it to recommend on the best gift ideas for birthday. With us, you can be confident he will like the gift. You may even have a look at our exclusive options of birthday gifts for boyfriend. Those could play as strong clues as to what else your love may like.

Is your boyfriend in club? Does he like to go to the gym? What does he like the most? Does he always talk about certain topics? Is he a football fan? Choose gifts for boyfriend accordingly. If you are serious about making your boyfriend feel special, his birthday is the definitely the day to do it. Make sure you show him you invested a lot of time and effort into giving him the perfect gift and experience on his special day.

Try our exclusive range of gym body caricature pack. The pack comprises of a fridge magnet, key chain, and coffee mug. We have included superior quality hand drawn caricatures to add a special feel to this gift pack. Our skilled and experienced artist will draw the caricature face with the help of pictures you provide. The overall theme of this caricature is sporty. Our artist will draw a brawny muscular toned body to woo your man. You may also customize the gift pack or caricature as per your specific requirements.

At Dezains, we offer some fun ideas and gift options to make your boyfriend’s birthday memorable. Yes, it will be a day he’ll always remember and cherish. And the credit goes to you!

Here’s our exclusive gift ideas for boyfriend you can choose from:

  1. Caricature T-shirts
  2. 3D Caricatures
  3. Caricature poster
  4. Engraved Key rings
  5. Personalized Pencil Sketch
  6. Personalized Couple Clock
  7. Couple Love Personalized Frame
  8. LED 3D Night Lamps
  9. Personalized Pen with Engraved Box
  10. Western Style Picture Clock
  11. Personalized Magnets
  12. Couple Wine Glass Set
  13. Name Engraved Pen
  14. Fridge Magnets
  15. Photo Collage
  16. Posters
  17. Rotating Photo Cube

Many More

Buy and Send Birthday Gifts Online with Dezains

With us, you can make special moments of your life memorable despite the busy schedule you follow. At Dezains, you will get some amazing ideas to make your boyfriend feel cared and loved. Our personalized gifts for boyfriend collection will help you express your heartfelt emotions on his special day. Simply browse through our exclusive and unique collection of birthday gifts choose the one you like. Complete the payment process and your job is done. We accept all major credit cards. Online payments and net banking services are also available. Our online shop will help you fetch some awesomeness from the comfort of your house or office and send it to your man of dreams on his special day.

Are you in a long distance relationship? A gift from you all the way on his birthday will make him feel on top of the world. Reach us and let us know what needs to be done. We send birthday gifts all over India. So go ahead and make his day one of the most memorable of his life. Choose from our special personalized collection of gifts. These are cut and crafted to perfection and an ideal option to bring smile on your man’s face. We will make sure the birthday gift gets delivered right at his doorstep.

We offer a diverse range of gift items including personalized gifts for boyfriend. Choose from one of these and have a blast at your love’s birthday. After all, it is the day he was born – the very reason you are together.

Birthday is an occasion when all of us want to be pampered. No wonder we feel like going back years and arriving on the day when we were born. More or less, we get nearly the same treatment as that day form our close ones. The best part on our birth day is receiving gifts from our beloved people. So, if it’s the birthday of anyone you know, it becomes a bit of difficulty on your part- first wishing him or her on that very day and on top of that selecting a perfect gift for the birthday boy.

And if the birthday boy is the closest person you have in your life, if he is your boyfriend, then it is something else completely. You will want to make every second of his birthday precious for him. You would want to take extra care while you buy a personalized birthday gift for boyfriend. You will want to be the person whose gift will be appreciated by him the most. So, it is very important for you to diverge from the age old ideas of gifts. Bring in something new and unique gift and see your boyfriend go spellbound.

That sounds amazing, but you are worried about the execution part- is it? Then it is time for you to relax. If you are worried about the perfect birthday gift for boyfriend, is there for you. At, you will find amazing ideas of gifts nobody else had given you before.

Give him a personalized beer mug with his name on it: Cheers to life on his birthday! If he prefers a hip flask better, then you will have three to four beautiful designs to choose from! You can also go for beautiful caricatures for him which he will like a lot.

A tea or coffee over, is he, your boyfriend? Then bring a caricature mug for him. He will definitely love it. If he is a big fan of art, you can also give him personalized pencil sketch of his own face. Are you the most important person in his life? Then give him the couple caricatures. Those are definitely going to amaze him on his birthday.

Is he a lover of traditional gifts? Then go for royal and elegant designs of pens available on These absolutely beautiful and branded pens will be best birthday gift for boyfriend. You can also pair this with a classy wooden pen stand with your beloved boyfriend’s name written on it. So, what are you waiting for after these amazing ideas? Rush to and grab the best gift to have blast with your boyfriend on his birthday.

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