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Four reasons to buy your husband a personalized birthday gift

Birthdays are a big thing in our lives because that’s the day when we celebrate the people we love and their coming into this world. It’s hard to pick a present for the people closest to you because you want to give them something that will genuinely make them happy. Things get even more complicated when it’s about the person we love the most in this world. That’s when we come to assist you, we offer a wide range of personalized birthday gifts for husbands, you just need to pick the one that suits him the most and we’ll customize it according to your indications.

  1. Make him feel appreciated

Nothing says I love you like a personalized birthday gift because you add your personal touch, you make it his gift by using his photo, hobbies, passions or even choosing one of your most cherished memories to engrave it on a personalized mug, personalized canvas clock, personalized magnet couple and many more from our list of products.

  1. Be creative

The best thing about a personalized birthday gift is that you can get creative because we offer you many options, which can be funny or loving, maybe even both. You can go as far as making a caricature poster for him, drawn by a professional artist using your insight and relevant things you want included. This poster will reflect what makes him stand out from the crowd, what you like about him, what makes him funny, the options are endless.

  1. Make an impact

We spare nothing when we think about the person we’ve decided to spend our lives with, and it’s normal to be that way. Still, you have the option to impress him and you can do it with less money than ever before because details matter, when you’ll give your husband a personalized birthday gift you will show him not only that you appreciate him but also that you understand him. This is something that will have a bigger impact on him than just buying a gift that many others have.

  1. Create a memory

Everyone appreciates gifts because they are the best way to show how important is the other person to you. Whenever you are looking at or using that gift you will instantly think about the person that gave it to you. Keeping that in mind, the best gift is something that will be used or seen daily like a personalized photo or clock to have in their office / at home or personalized key chains which they will carry with them always.


  1. Make this birthday special

Show your love and appreciation in the way you want it by choosing a personalized birthday gift for your husband, use all the things you know about him to make this birthday unique because you have the chance to be specific. You can also be creative, serious, funny, romantic and you don’t need to spend entire days to find something to surprise him, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

We can all agree that birthdays are important, your husband birthday being the most important one so it’s stressful to find the right gift, the one that stands out and shows just how important he is to you. Together we can create something special because we give you options, you give us the details and the end result will be something custom made just for him.

Finding the perfect birthday gift for husband can be quite difficult, however we have made it very clear that getting birthday present for husband or searching for the personalized birthday gift for husband is easy and fast. We have wide variety of products that will blow your mind aways. They are creative, unique, rare, and of high emotional value. The gifts are personalized, and are useful for day to day use. Even the decoratives are truly special, and they keep the atmosphere around lively and romantic.

Popular categories for Birthday Gift for husband

  • Caricature on Canvas
  • Caricature Chumbak / Magnet
  • Caricature Photo frame
  • Caricature Posters
  • Caricature T-shirts
  • Caricature Wall Clock

  • Beer Mugs
  • Champagne Glasses
  • Hip Flasks
  • Whisky Glasses
  • Wine Glasses
  • Shot Glasses

  • Photo Canvas
  • Photo Clocks
  • Photo Cushions
  • Photo Frames
  • Personalized Keepsakes
  • Personalized Key Chains
  • Photo Magnets
  • Personalized Mugs
  • Personalized Photo Collage

Best Gifts for Husband for his birthday

So if you are looking for gifts that you can gift to your husband on his birthday, then you have come to the very amazing online personalized shopping website. We offer unique collection of designs that will suit the husband wife relationship. Surprise him with caricature gifts, or make him romantic with personalized engraved wine and champagne glasses. Make him look sexy in our caricature t-shirts, or just gift him a creative artwork on his birthday. Buying from us, will surely be a great birthday gifts for husband, it will be a good gift, trust us. Your hubby will be more than happy to get a personalized gift on his birthday. Homemade birthday gifts for husband are great, however not everyone can be talented enough to make something worth giving. We say that any gift thats handmade, have a special value. We agree, but atleast the gift should be presentable. So it will add to the value. Getting cakes for his birthday, wines and champagnes are nice. And make it extra special by gifting your husband a gift from Even if you are in USA, Australia, or any other country, you can shop for gifts for husband on our website.

Shashi was going yapping over a mottled kurta which she bought only last week. Her husband Shantanu had fortuitously spilled the entire cup of hot chocolate over it and now it was totally a waste. She was getting agitated yelling at him, scorning all the while and thinking about the ways she could save that piece of attire which now looked nothing close to new anymore. And while she was busy doing all this, Shantanu did nothing but listen to her patiently. After a while, when he contemplated that her anguish has mellowed down; he got up, walked to her, kissed her on her forehead and said, ‘Sorry Sweetheart, I spoiled your mood, but I will make it up to you’. The fury just eloped from Shashi’s face and she felt serene instantly. She looked at her husband; his eyes were filled with love; she simply hugged him.

Like Shantanu, all husbands love their wives eternally; of course, ways of expressing that sentiment is different. The twin soul of you; he’s the nub of your life. And although he doesn’t write symphonies like Shakespeare for you, he makes your world melodious in every way. He walks the path with you and takes care of you all the time; no matter what, he’s always there for you; yes – your husband is the sweet-sour soulmate of you. You got to show this person what he means to you. And what could be a best occasion than his birthday?

What is a celebration without a birthday gift? Nothing but mundane convenes. You may find infinite choices for birthday gifts to husband anywhere you go. But the point is, ‘is it the one that will bring a smile on his handsome face?’ Men love personalized accessories. So, when it comes to buying a birthday gift for husband, personalized gifts are the best choice to pick from. As though, you may visit ‘n’ number of gift shops in your neighbourhood; you may find special gift to husbands on his birthday there. However, if you want to imprint a personal message on your birthday gift, you may have to find another source which could be, one – time consuming, second – tiring and third – you really don’t know how the final gift will turn out. So is there any other way? Of course! You are the ‘e-generation’ woman and the whole world of wonderful birthday gifts to husbands is on your fingertips – it’s just a click away. Online gifts stores in India are a boon to the busy woman of today – they serve you whenever you want them to and wherever you want them to; and they earn their brownie points by showcasing some of the unique birthday gifts in the tiny virtual window. is one such boulevard to earn some decent brownie points. With its huge bouquet of gifts you could gift to your husband, you will never have to wonder ‘what to gift your husband on his birthday?’ This lovely bouquet has lots of varieties you can pick and choose from; Dezains showcases a vast pool of series of unique birthday gifts like the Magnets, Caricatures, Canvas, Crystal range, Frames and much more. Turn a simple magnet into a memento for your husband; imprint his lovely picture with your loving sentiments on it for his birthday and you will get him all blushed. You can also opt for a Caricature cut-out on magnet; it makes for an awesome gift for his birthday. Canvas is another beautiful gift to paint your love on for your husband. And if you are thinking of something mesmerizing, look no further. You can just check out the Crystal series of husband's birthday gifts. Your sweet birthday message engraved on a beautiful crystal will steal his heart again. You can also capture your intimate moments in the crystal ball and it will leave him spellbound. So go ahead, let your man feel special the way he makes you feel every day. Shower your love on him on his birthday with the best birthday gifts you will find here.

For the love of Shantanu, Shashi would surely dive into this to make her man feel special. What about you? Have you manage to get that birthday gift for your husband yet?