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It is a very sentimental tale to live your life alone away from your family, especially if you have to spend your time without seeing that brother or the sister you grew up with playing. While leaving the family back in India, you might have cried inside (or in front of everyone around you) but the real wicked feeling of ‘missing them’ starts while you reach the new place and spend your time alone for quite a long time. Moreover, with the boon of an Indian origin, festivity becomes like our blood cell by the time we grow up. It will be hard to find a non-residential Indian who does not find themselves somber while it is festive season in India and they are working hard as usual devoid of enjoyments in a foreign country.


Rakhi is one such occasion that the Indian brothers and sisters miss vehemently when they are not India. But how does that stop you from celebrating rakhi with your brother or sister? This is an emotional bond that a geographical distance cannot disrupt. So, this rakhi, send beautiful rakhi gifts to India and impress your brother or sister completely. Log on to for having a worthy friend, philosopher and guide. You don’t really need to tear all the hairs off your head; don’t have to scratch your head to baldness for finding suitable gifts. will offer you a plethora of personalized and general gifts against a very, very affordable price. All you have to do is to choose the right one.


Is your sibling a Game of Thrones fan? Good opportunity for you to stun him or her with a pleasant surprise this rakhi. Send a beautiful hip flask quoted with ‘winter is coming’ to India and imagine the pleasure an excitement s/he will portray after receiving the gift! Want to walk down memory lane- assemble 3-4 good photos of you with your brother or sister and get your personalized collage clock made by You can also go for caricature canvases with basketball or businessman caricatures of your bro or sis made on the background. If you are in favor of sending traditional rakhi gifts to India, you could go for dezains’ huge collection of pens Sheaffer to Cross ATX.


You can also go for a pen stand. Made of classily polished wood, these pen stands are also helpful as card holders. You could also go for simple yet classy card holders as well. Brother or sister, these card holders will definitely be useful for your beloved one. If your sister is a messy cook, consider giving her one kitchen apron to safe guard the dresses she would be wearing while cooking. No matter what gifts you are planning for, is going to solve all your complications regarding sending rakhi gifts to India. So, this rakhi, wherever you are, enjoy with your sibling!

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