Rakhi Gifts India - Rakshabandhan 2017 Collection

Send personalized rakhi gifts across India. Products include rakhi magnets, mugs, glasses, cushions and more unique rakhi gifts.
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  • Does your Sister/Brother are fond of gifts. Get your own hand drawn caricature chumbaks done here just like this one. So this a picture which shows brother and sister celebrating rakshabandhan...
    Rs 2,699
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  • Canvas prints are best used in interior design, and we make it amazingly special by adding the concept of caricatures to it. This caricature shows that brother and sister are having a small pillow...
    Rs 3,999
    Rs 3,999 In Stock
  • Get your own hand drawn caricature chumbak done here just like this one. Its a picture which shows brother and sister enjoying their  small fights and sharing friendship bond. Its made by our...
    Rs 2,699
    Rs 2,699 In Stock
  • Professional artist will hand draw a customized poster, based on your description. The caricature face will be drawn using the photos provided by you. Your creative mind, and our talented artist,...
    Rs 3,999
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    Get your own hand drawn caricature chumbaks done here just like this one. This picture shows the unconditional love between brother and sister. Celebration of rakshabandhan is sweetly done by this...
    Rs 2,699
    Rs 2,699 In Stock
  • Canvas prints are best used in interior design, and we make it amazingly special by adding the concept of hand-drawn caricatures to it. Canvas prints are commonly used in home decor. Get your...
    Rs 3,999
    Rs 3,999 In Stock
  • Canvas prints are best used in interior design, and we make it amazingly special by adding a wall clock into it. Personalize it to create a wonderful gift for your loved one. The wall clocks are...
    Rs 1,899
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  • These pencil sketches are hand drawn by actual artists, and NOT randomly made using a software. It has a class of its own, and when presented on a canvas, becomes a touching gift!
    Rs 5,999
    Rs 5,999 In Stock
  • These pencil sketches are hand drawn by actual artists, and NOT randomly made using a software. It has a class of its own, and when presented in a stylish frame, becomes a touching gift!
    Rs 2,999
    Rs 2,999 In Stock
  • Get a personalized wall hanging frame for your brothers/sisters on this Raksha Bandhan. It would have your own personalized message and beautiful clip art on the frame. This wall hanging frame...
    Rs 1,099
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  • These personalized wood engraved keychains can be a cute little gift for your special someone. This is something they will always carry along and keep close!
    Rs 599
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  • Artistic and creative joker face night lamp, with your personalized tagline. Get one for yourself, or it could be an amazing gift option for your loved ones.
    Rs 899
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When is Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi?

Monday7 August 2017

Send Rakhi Gifts to India

It is a very sentimental tale to live your life alone away from your family, especially if you have to spend your time without seeing that brother or the sister you grew up with playing. While leaving the family back in India, you might have cried inside (or in front of everyone around you) but the real wicked feeling of ‘missing them’ starts while you reach the new place and spend your time alone for quite a long time. Moreover, with the boon of an Indian origin, festivity becomes like our blood cell by the time we grow up. It will be hard to find a non-residential Indian who does not find themselves somber while it is festive season in India and they are working hard as usual devoid of enjoyments in a foreign country.

Rakhi is one such occasion that the Indian brothers and sisters miss vehemently when they are not India. But how does that stop you from celebrating rakhi with your brother or sister? This is an emotional bond that a geographical distance cannot disrupt. So, this rakhi, send beautiful rakhi gifts to India and impress your brother or sister completely. Log on to Dezains.com for having a worthy friend, philosopher and guide. You don’t really need to tear all the hairs off your head; don’t have to scratch your head to baldness for finding suitable gifts. Dezains.com will offer you a plethora of personalized and general gifts against a very, very affordable price. All you have to do is to choose the right one.

Is your sibling a Game of Thrones fan? Good opportunity for you to stun him or her with a pleasant surprise this rakhi. Send a beautiful hip flask quoted with ‘winter is coming’ to India and imagine the pleasure an excitement s/he will portray after receiving the gift! Want to walk down memory lane- assemble 3-4 good photos of you with your brother or sister and get your personalized collage clock made by dezains.com. You can also go for caricature canvases with basketball or businessman caricatures of your bro or sis made on the background. If you are in favor of sending traditional rakhi gifts to India, you could go for dezains’ huge collection of pens Sheaffer to Cross ATX.

You can also go for a pen stand. Made of classily polished wood, these pen stands are also helpful as card holders. You could also go for simple yet classy card holders as well. Brother or sister, these card holders will definitely be useful for your beloved one. If your sister is a messy cook, consider giving her one kitchen apron to safe guard the dresses she would be wearing while cooking. No matter what gifts you are planning for, dezains.com is going to solve all your complications regarding sending rakhi gifts to India. So, this rakhi, wherever you are, enjoy with your sibling!

Rakhi Gifts India - Send Online

Rakhi Gifts for your sister

Your sister is that one special person whom you grew up with. Your sister is the first friend you ever got in the first small span of your life. So, she will always remain special in your life. If you are an Indian, you must be feeling the attachment of heartstrings even more through the festive seasons that are there around you. Indians even have the traditions of exchanging gifts on such occasions. Rakhi is one of these occasions when the brothers and sisters get to celebrate the bond between them. So, this day is really very important for a brother as it is the day to bring rakhi gifts for sister. It is that one day the brothers utter the vows of protecting the sisters while the sisters tie the holy thread around their wrist. So, this day has to be special.

Buy the best rakhi gifts for sister this rakhi and make it the best rakhi for her. Give her the best gift she desires. Does she love to wear tee shirts? Then give her an exclusive tee with her caricature articulated on the front of the tee shirt. That unique gift will bring a broad smile on her lips and pleasure to your heart. Is she a coffee or tea lover? Is strenuous work her motivation of life? Then gift your sister a specialized mug with her caricature imprinted on the face of the mug. Not only will it be a special gift for her, it will also be useful in her daily life. She must be preparing a good meal for you on this rakhi- let the particles of the cooked food not spill on her beautiful clothes; give her customized kitchen apron with amazing prints on it.

Apart from these, you can also give her personalized pencil sketches of her face; a perfect caricature. Even caricature wall hangings, magnets and other house appliances are available as gifts. Where can you find all these beautiful gifts? Dezains.com is the destination for you. They have all the trendy and beautiful gifts you might be looking for. You want to cherish all your beautiful memories with your beloved sister? Give her a collage clock adorned with the pictures with those special moments that you can never forget.

Give her vodka shots a touch of dearness- this rakhi,present her a new and beautiful shot glass to make her drinks even more interesting and emotional. You can also go for designed beer glasses available on dezains.com. There is plethora of appropriate rakhi gifts for sister waiting to be chosen by you. Do not worry about the quality, pick any and make your sister have a blast on this rakhi. Amazing, isn’t it?

Rakhi Gifts for your brother

Rakhi in India is an amazing occasion. For years this day has been celebrated by brothers and sisters through exchanging emotions and gifts on this day. On this rakhi day, the sisters tie a holy thread, decorated nicely, on the wrist of a brother and present some amazing rakhi gifts for brother. This is really special for a brother as through this ritual their love for their sisters is socially acknowledged and they oath to protect their sisters till the end. Isn’t that touchy? The sisters also give the brothers sweet dishes and other beautiful dishes (sometimes made by them). But without a rakhi gift, nothing seems complete.

This rakhi bring your brother the most amazing gifts that will make him cheer from the core of his heart. Celebrate rakhi with dezains.com and its great collection of modern and traditional gifts and surprise your brother with wonderful items he would rejoice with. Is your brother a writer, a professor, a good student? This rakhi give him the most traditional gift- a majestic design of pen from dezains.com. From Pierre Cardin to Parker, all the brands are stored here to be picked by you. Want to go out of the box? That is not a problem with dezains.com at your aid. Pick the most creative gifts like coffee mugs with your brother’s caricature on it, caricature tee shirts or personalized pencil sketch for your brother. Wouldn’t those rakhi gifts for brother amaze him completely?

Is your brother a complete corporate man? Not to worry- give him a simple but lofty card holder from dezains.com. You can also give him a wooden pen stand donning an official look with card holder and clock in-built. Is your bro a funky guy? Well, pick up the best collection of calendar key ring for him. Is he a movie buff? Does he live in the world of the series he watches? Not an issue- here is the ‘winter is coming’ hip flask your brother will surely go crazy for.

You can also give a sisterly touch to the drinking table of your brother. This rakhi, give him a customized and beautifully designed beer glass for him to cheer to your name. You can also write his name on that if you want to. Aren’t these brilliant ideas for rakhi gifts for brother? Are you really thinking about the price constraint? Then please, don’t. It is dezains.com where the quality and your pocket are equally taken care of. These gifts are available at a very, very affordable rate that will remove the lines of worries from your face. So this rakhi have a blast with your beloved brother! 

Send Rakhi Gifts online in India

Indians are famous all over the world for their devoted piousness. We have a bunch of festivals awaiting us every month. The whole year we, the Indians, keep up the mood of festivity and drive away the fatigue of the workload we bear each and every day. Enjoyment and rejoice keep us going the whole year. Not only do we celebrate the festivals, we also celebrate ourselves, we celebrate the relationship we share with other people. This is the wonderful tradition of India which we follow with all our heart. And celebration definitely means gift.

Gift has nothing to do with just materialism, rather a thoughtful gift is the impression of your feeling for the person you are giving the gift to. Rakhi is such an occasion on which we celebrate the bond between a brother and the sister. The holy piece of string that the sisters tie around the wrist of a brother represents the bond of love and protection. The Indian brothers take an oath to protect their sisters through this holy bond. This Rakhi celebrate the festival with beautiful Rakhi gifts for your brother or sister. Dezains.com with the boon of its Indian origin understands all the aspects of this festival and designs some beautiful gifts for you, especially for you.

Are you living out of India? You want to send Rakhi to India for your beloved brother or sister? Well, add a fabulous gift to your Rakhi and make your sister or brother smile the heartiest. You can definitely rely on Dezains.com for this purpose. Is your brother a poster fanatic? Does your sister love to drink coffee? Send him a poster or her, a coffee mug with their caricature articulated on them. Isn’t that a unique idea of gift? You can also give them a beautiful card holder or a personalized pencil sketch or calendar ball pen- all against a very affordable cost. At Dezains.com all you need to care for is your close one’s sentiments. The quality and price is already taken care of.

Want to buy a special tee shirt for your beloved one? Well, here you get tee shirts with your brother’s or sister’s caricature faces imprinted on them. Just think, how nice would it be for them to have their own faces peeping from their tees! Do you rather favor a completely traditional idea of gifts while you send rakhi to India? Never mind- Dezains.com offers a beautiful range of royal designs of pens from Pierre Cardin to Parker. You can also couple them with a beautiful wooden pen stand with in-built card holder and clock.

So, what else are you waiting for? Send rakhi to India with any of these awesome collections on Dezains.com and make this rakhi special for your beloved brother or sister.