Rakhi Gifts for Sister - 2017 Rakshabandhan Collection

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Personalized rakhi gifts designed for sisters. Photo mugs, glass engravings, cushions, caricature magnets and more rakhi gifts
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    Artistic and creative roses style night lamp, with your personalized tagline. Get one for yourself, or it could be an amazing gift option for your loved ones.
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  • Personalized Mugs have always been a nice gift for all the occasions. We have made the process of ordering personalized gifts very easy by creating templates. You just need to replace the sample...
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  • Does your Sister/Brother are fond of gifts. Get your own hand drawn caricature chumbaks done here just like this one. So this a picture which shows brother and sister celebrating rakshabandhan...
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  • These pencil sketches are hand drawn by actual artists, and NOT randomly made using a software. It has a class of its own, and when presented in a stylish frame, becomes a touching gift!
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  • Get a personalized wall hanging frame for your brothers/sisters on this Raksha Bandhan. It would have your own personalized message and beautiful clip art on the frame. This wall hanging frame...
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  • Get this beautiful framed wall hanging with your own photos and messages. The templates are ready to use, you just need to replace the sample photos, texts or messages with your own details. A...
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  • Personalized Mugs have always been a nice gift for all the occasions. We have made the process of ordering personalized gifts very easy by creating templates. You just need to replace the sample...
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  • Canvas prints are best used in interior design, and we make it amazingly special by adding the concept of caricatures to it. This caricature shows that brother and sister are having a small pillow...
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  • Get your own hand drawn caricature chumbak done here just like this one. Its a picture which shows brother and sister enjoying their  small fights and sharing friendship bond. Its made by our...
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  • This artfully crafted crystal contains a beautifully engraved personalized message. It is a magnificent loving memento for display. Its a sweet message given by brother to his lil sister showing...
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  • Cushions are always a perfect gift. Just personalize this lovely design, and make it extra special. A perfect personalized gift for Rakhi. This cushion has a very lovely words which is for sister...
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Your sister is that one special person whom you grew up with. Your sister is the first friend you

ever got in the first small span of your life. So, she will always remain special in your life. If you

are an Indian, you must be feeling the attachment of heartstrings even more through the

festive seasons that are there around you. Indians even have the traditions of exchanging gifts

on such occasions. Rakhi is one of these occasions when the brothers and sisters get to

celebrate the bond between them. So, this day is really very important for a brother as it is the

day to bring rakhi gifts for sister. It is that one day the brothers utter the vows of protecting the

sisters while the sisters tie the holy thread around their wrist. So, this day has to be special.

Buy the best rakhi gifts for sister this rakhi and make it the best rakhi for her. Give her the best

gift she desires. Does she love to wear tee shirts? Then give her an exclusive tee with her

caricature articulated on the front of the tee shirt. That unique gift will bring a broad smile on

her lips and pleasure to your heart. Is she a coffee or tea lover? Is strenuous work her

motivation of life?

Personalized Rakhi Gifts for your Sister

Rakhi Gifts for Sister

Then gift your sister a specialized mug with her caricature imprinted on the

face of the mug. Not only will it be a special gift for her, it will also be useful in her daily life. She

must be preparing a good meal for you on this rakhi- let the particles of the cooked food not

spill on her beautiful clothes; give her customized kitchen apron with amazing prints on it.

Apart from these, you can also give her personalized pencil sketches of her face; a perfect

caricature. Even caricature wall hangings, magnets and other house appliances are available as

gifts. Where can you find all these beautiful gifts? Dezains.com is the destination for you. They

have all the trendy and beautiful gifts you might be looking for. You want to cherish all your

beautiful memories with your beloved sister? Give her a collage clock adorned with the pictures

with those special moments that you can never forget.

Give her vodka shots a touch of dearness- this rakhi, present her a new and beautiful shot glass

to make her drinks even more interesting and emotional. You can also go for designed beer

glasses available on dezains.com. There is plethora of appropriate rakhi gifts for sister waiting

to be chosen by you. Do not worry about the quality, pick any and make your sister have a blast

on this rakhi. Amazing, isn’t it?