Unique Wedding Gifts

Buy best and creative wedding gifts online by dezains.com. The personalized gifts for wedding includes caricature clocks, engraved wine glasses and more

  • Rs 1,299
    A romantic love letter styled night lamp for lovebirds. The product is handy as it doesn't need external power source to lighten up! It can be kept on book shelves, table top,  bedside table or at...
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  • Rs 699
    A creative personal diary to jot down ideas that come to our creative mind. Its a perfect gift suited for dad, mom, friends, siblings, partners, boss, teacher or yourself. The diary comes with a...
    Rs 699 In Stock
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    Caricature Poster is the most unique form of a personalized gift. You can customize every detail present in the poster. You can narrate the most important moments in your life like first meeting,...
    Rs 3,199 In Stock
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    Rs 3,188 Was: Rs 4,555 Up To 30% off
    Beautiful personalized wall clock, with a cute caricature theme, where a couple is sitting on a lawn with their dog. Our expert artist will draw the face, as per the photos you provide. It will be...
    Rs 3,188 In Stock
  • Rs 684 Was: Rs 760 Up To 10% off
    About the Product Elegant, clean design. No fuss, nothing complex, but has a classic, flawless look and feel. Solid and heavy as any self-respecting shot glass should be. This is a set of 2 cool...
    Reduced price!
    Rs 684 In Stock
  • Rs 1,946 Was: Rs 2,289 Up To 15% off
    About the product These are framed personalized artwork which are printed on canvas. The clock is attached to the canvas print, and its well placed inside the frame. The outer part is covered by...
    Reduced price!
    Rs 1,946 In Stock
  • Rs 1,027 Was: Rs 1,141 Up To 10% off
    Product Details Material : Metal Print over vinyl which is tightly wrapped around the hip flask Waterproof Clean with soft cloth. Do not scrubNote: The layout/positioning of the paper will vary...
    Reduced price!
    Rs 1,027 In Stock
  • Rs 799
    Rs 799 In Stock
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    Rs 1,349 Was: Rs 1,499 Up To 10% off
    About the product These are gallery wrapped canvas prints on wooden frames. Your photos and messages will be used in the selected template 'as seen in the sample product photo' to create a...
    Rs 1,349 In Stock
  • Rs 799
    About the Product Its standard cushion cover along with inside filler material. The cushions are personalized with your photos and texts, as per the template. You can replace the sample photos,...
    Rs 799 In Stock
  • Rs 299
    About the product These are white coffee mugs on which your photos and messages would be printed. The sample photos, or messages in the product photos, would be replaced by photos and messages...
    Rs 299 In Stock
  • Rs 299
    About the product These are white coffee mugs on which your photos and messages would be printed. The sample photos, or messages in the product photos, would be replaced by photos and messages...
    Rs 299 In Stock
  • Rs 599
    Product Description Keyring: These are round wooden keychains. These will be engraved as per the personalization details provided by you. The product image that you see, is a design that we have...
    Rs 599 In Stock
  • Rs 599
    Get a name engraved on this elegant metallic pen and gift it to your loved ones on various occasions. The pen comes with a wooden box on which you can get a personalised message engraved in a...
    Rs 599 In Stock
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    Rs 1,099 Was: Rs 1,465 Up To 25% off
    Gift these personalised engraved champagne glasses to your parent on their wedding anniversary. The wedding date will be engraved in big bold letters, with texts mommy and daddy underneath it. You...
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    Rs 678 Was: Rs 968 Up To 30% off
    About the product These are framed wall hangings with your photos and messages. The sample photos, and messages in the template will be replaced by the photos you provide us while placing the...
    Rs 678 In Stock
  • Rs 921 Was: Rs 1,083 Up To 15% off
    Product DetailsSize : 12 x 12 inches Frame thickness: 8mm Weight : 400 gms Frame Material : Wood Front Cover : Acrylic Wall mount : Yes Table top : No (Size is big enough to keep it on table)...
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    Rs 1,638 Was: Rs 1,927 Up To 15% off
    Product DetailsSize (aprox) : 12 x 12 inches Frame thickness: 8mm Weight : 400 gms Frame Material : Acrylic Wall mount : Yes Table top : No (Size is big enough to keep it on table) Personalised :...
    Rs 1,638 In Stock
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    Rs 1,299
    The engravings on acrylic sheet, when illuminated by LED lights, give a 3D illusion as you can see in the product image. This is the latest trend in night lamp category. Add a personal message on...
    Rs 1,299 In Stock
  • Rs 761 Was: Rs 1,014 Up To 25% off
    Engraved beer mug with a personalized name and stylish engraving in big fonts reading - Feel Good. A perfect gift to enjoy a good time with friends and partners. This is a premium ocean brand beer...
    Reduced price!
    Rs 761 In Stock
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    Rs 2,968 Was: Rs 4,239 Up To 30% off
    A very romantic caricature photo frame that we will personalise with your caricature faces. This will be special and unique gift for your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend on special occasions...
    Rs 2,968 In Stock
  • Rs 845 Was: Rs 1,127 Up To 25% off
    Set of two whiskey glasses with stylish engraving saying - Born to ride and Ride to Live with a skull logo. Add a name to personalize this glass set and gift it to your friends or family.About the...
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    Rs 2,250 Was: Rs 2,813 Up To 20% off
    A professional artist will hand draw a customized poster, based on your description. Show how much you know the person by incorporating them in the poster. The caricature face will be drawn using...
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    Rs 2,790 Was: Rs 3,488 Up To 20% off
    A professional artist will hand draw a customized poster, based on your description. Show how much you know the person by incorporating them in the poster. The caricature face will be drawn using...
    Rs 2,790 In Stock

Perfect wedding gifts for newly married couple

Got your friend’s wedding to attend but still have no idea what wedding gifts to buy for the beautiful occasion?

Picking the right gift for a couple getting married is indeed a tough job but if you know them really well, it won’t be that hard. How about a simple exercise? Put yourself in their shoes and let your imagination run wild regarding all the gifts you will be getting on the wedding. Now, think about all the traditional gifts that the couple will get repeatedly and the ones they will truly desire but not get.

Just in case you are wondering what makes the biggest impact, here’s a list of simple ideas that will help you pick the best Gifts for Wedding without bleeding your budget:

The list of Ideal Wedding Gifts

  Cookware and Dinner Set


  Kitchen Equipment

  Gift Cards

  Cozy, romantic sheets

  Membership to a mind-blowing group (Yoga, Wine club)

  Analog Alarm Clocks

  Event Tickets

  Spa Reservations

  Wine and hard alcohol

  Personalized Wedding Gifts

Most couples get kitchen equipment as a series of dinners and family get-togethers follow the wedding so they are quite practical. And, couples also get to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul right before the wedding as often a spa package is part of the preparation. But considering the amount of strain the couple undergoes on the wedding day, a spa reservation or an event ticket might just make the perfect gift. For a couple well known as a night owl and a morning sleeper, an analog clock will work perfectly.

If you are in a mood for some humor, you can even gift some pastel shaded, customized and printed cozy bed sheets with personalized cushions.

Personalised Wedding Gifts

While you can personalize just about everything, as chances are the wedding couple has received mostly everything traditional. So you should try giving them a memory of a lifetime with something unconventional and intimate. The simplest rule you should follow when deciding on the perfect personalized wedding gift for a couple in your family or friends is making it all about them. Celebrate their love story and make them feel like they indeed have that love story of the legends. Here are some of the most beautiful yet simple personalized gifts that you can buy any couple without crossing your budget:

Pencil Sketches: Fine art is a bit dramatic but pencil sketches are more lighthearted, sweet and look pristine. You can have a photo of the couple sketched and have it printed in a poster style and gift both, the original and the poster to the couple.

Frame: You can have a picture of the couple printed right next to a beautiful quote or the timeline of their love story and a very humorous one-liner in a sophisticated frame. Try picking a frame size that gives you sufficient space for the quote, the image of the couple and glass where the couple can later put another photograph.

Say Cheese Caricature: Caricatures are largely seen in newspapers but they are really underrated as a piece of art. No matter how much the couple enjoys art, they are sure to get amused by the caricature designs and photos. Get specialized portraits printed of them as a caricature and it will surely bring a laugh out of a couple. Also, try getting them both designed into a couple-caricature.

Keychains:  You can have a sweet message or initials inscribed on the wooden keychains or have the initials or names of the couple inscribed on it. Keychains are a regular use item so the couple will spend a lot of time looking at your gift. Make sure that your message is sweet, wise and cute.

Curtains, Cushions and bed sheets: Weddings are a big affair and it’s after numerous sleepless nights that people actually married but given the big rituals, more sleepless night follows. So, gift the couple the ultimate comfort with a set of beautiful, cozy and relaxing bed sheets, cushions and curtains. Don’t make them too tacky with imprints but pick a relaxing color theme. 

Engraved Pen and Pen Case:  Pens make personal and wise gifts but you can add a touch of beauty to them by gifting a luxurious inscribed pen to the couple along with an even more beautiful pen case. You can also have something special or a quote inscribed on the cover of the wooden pen case.

Branded/inscribed Shot Glasses and suitable Booze: Shot glasses are cute and amusing. Most couples probably don’t drink too much at the wedding but if you gift them personalized shot glasses, they will have something very unique to hold on to even years after the wedding. Choose a beverage that grows better with time so it resonates their bonding that grows stronger with time.

Engraved Crystals: Engraved Crystals make great gift pieces especially for the shelf. But these may appear too formal if you don’t personalize them. So make sure that you add a hint of personal blessings and quotes to the crystal to make the couple appreciate your gift.

Doodle Mugs: Either pick from the wide Template options available or make your own impromptu, much more personal doodle design and get it printed on a beautiful coffee mug. Now, every morning, the couple will be reminded of the beauty of your doodle and you will strengthen their relationship. 

Dezains will personalize your gifts and deliver wherever you want the gift delivered.

You can choose from a wide variety of gifts offered by Dezains online as we accept all major cards, offer you 24x7 support and deliver your gifts anywhere in the Indian subcontinent!

If you need help picking the right gift for the couple, browse through our wide collection of wedding gifts and pick any of them to get them personalized. Our support team will get any gift you want customized to suit your fancy and with our wonderful gifts collection, we are sure that we will satiate your search for the perfect wedding gifts.

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