Best Gifts for Husband - Personalized collection 2017

Best Personalized Gifts for Husband to shop online in 2017. Personalized caricature, engraved glasses, night lamps and more
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    It_s a pack of fridge magnet, coffee mug and a keychain. The special feel to the gift pack, is the hand drawn caricatures. The caricature face will de drawn by our artist by looking at the photos...
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  • Get his / her name engraved on this elegant pen and gift it on any occasion. You also get a wooden box with the pen, on which you can get a personalized message engraved. Add a touch of...
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  • It is a colorful fun filled beach theme caricature canvas clock. By looking at the photos you send us, our expert artist will hand draw the caricature faces. That will be used in this theme to...
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  • It's a set of two stunning branded wine glasses with customized engraving. These personalized glasses will look great in your own bar, or as a charming gift to someone you really care about
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    Personalized engravings on champagne glass with couples name, or wedding / anniversary date. The template has a pre defined cupid to give it a more romantic feel. However the entire design can be...
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  • An awesome looking shot glass with heart engraved and elegantly looking names printed. It can be the best gift for your valentine, your fiane or wife. Show your love and passion for your love ones...
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  • Branded whiskey glasses that can be personalized. Get a pair for your own bar counter, or gift it to someone really special. A perfect gift for the perfect occasion.
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  • These pencil sketches are hand drawn by actual artists, and NOT randomly made using a software. It has a class of its own, and when presented in a stylish frame, becomes a touching gift!
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  • Surprise that creative artist friend of yours with this wonderful pair of customized coffee mugs. The doodle work throughout the mugs is attractive and highly mesmerizing. Surely, these custom mugs...
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  • Want to gift something special? Try this new engraved-crystal series – first time available in India! We artfully engrave your loving message to share with your loved one. The skilful,...

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  • Funny yet beautiful, this caricature photo frame features your gorgeous partner in a mermaid look with funny photos painted by our expert artist. The bold colors along with the unique designs...
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  • With a pretty combination of an admiring picture of the couple and adorable artwork and creative colorful designs, this personalized magnet is the perfect addition for your living room_s dining...
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  • The letters you provide will be engraved on the wooden keychains. Shop online and send us the customization details. It will be a gift people will appreicate.
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  • It will be a personalized caricature face, with a slogan written on the t-shirt. Get your own caricaturd drawn by our artist, add a quote, and create this crazy awesome t-shirt. You can also wear...
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  • Spend your romantic dinner in the most exciting and unusual way as you gift your girlfriend with this personalized cushion, displaying a cute picture of you two together and let her know how much...
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Shop for best online gifts for husband 2017

A well thought of gift for your husband, would be a customized gift. We create many personalized gifts designed for husband. Some of them are quite unique and rarely available online. Those are the best gifts for husband. Browse through some amazing collection of husband related gifts. We would recommend you to go for our bestsellers i.e caricature based products. They are romantic, perfect, sexy, fun and unique in its own way. The best gift for your husband would be a set of beer mug, with a personalized message engraved on it. Tell him that he is the worlds best husband, or just get some of his typical habits engraved on the mug. Bar gasses, could be another thoughtful gift for your hubby.

Don't ever stop dating your wife and don't ever stop flirting with your husband

List of Gifts for Husband

Gifts for Husband - CaricatureCaricature based gifts for Husband

The special category, is our USP. We have some amazing artist, who draw exceptionally great caricatures. All you need to do, is to send us your photos. Our artist, will then draw the caricature face, and put in the the pre-defined theme of your choice. We have variety of themes, ranging from a sports person, to computer programmer, to a navy officer, to a pilot, and what not. So, no matter what your husband does, what his profession is, or what he likes, you can get a caricature related to that. And if you husband is really unique and none of the themes matches your likes, you can always go for the customized poster. Here our artist will draw a theme specially for you. Describe us the artwork you have in your mind, and we will create it. We recommend you to go for our caricature based products, as we have got many rave reviews from customers. Many wives have thanked us, for providing such a beautiful gift for their hubby. So whether you are looking for anniversary gifts for husband, or birthday gifts for husband, this is one option that will suit all your needs.

There are various products, on which you can get the caricature artwork. All of them have a different style, and would go at different places in your home. You can stylize your wall by canvas and frames. Or, you can style up your fridge with the magnets.

  • Caricature on Canvas
  • Caricature Chumbak / Magnet
  • Caricature Photo frame
  • Caricature Posters
  • Caricature T-shirts
  • Caricature Wall Clock


Best Gifts for Husband - Bar Accessories

Bar Glasses : Gifts for Couples

Your husband would love to have a personalized beer mug. Men love beer. So, a nice move would be to gift him a super cool beer mug, with a message engraved. Now the message could be funny, romantic, or any classic quotes. It depends on the occasion, if its his birthday, or your anniversary! There are several pre-define templates, which would gift you many ideas. You could go for the pre-defined templates, with your customization details, or you could give in your complete text to be engraved. This is one good gift for husband, that cannot go wrong. Apart from beer mugs, try giving engraved wine and champagne glass to your hubby. Even the whiskey glasses could be customized. So if you love birds, enjoy occasional drinking, this would be one gift that you should go for. Make your husband happy!

  • Beer Mugs
  • Champagne Glasses
  • Hip Flasks
  • Whisky Glasses
  • Wine Glasses
  • Shot Glasses


Romantic Gifts for Husband : Photo Collage

There is no better gift, than these photo based gifts. Its not just a product, but its more like gifting an emotion. These cushions, or canvas could be the emotional gift that your husband might be needing. If you are not expressive enough to speak out your emotions, you should try giving your emotions in form of these photo based gifts. Select few of your best memories with your hubby, and put them together to create a collage. We have several templates, and many different products, where in you can get your photos printed. Try these photo gifts, and see the smile that you would bring on your husbands face. Several categories for photo gifts for husband are;

  • Photo Canvas
  • Photo Clocks
  • Photo Cushions
  • Photo Frames
  • Personalized Keepsakes
  • Personalized Key Chains
  • Photo Magnets
  • Personalized Mugs
  • Personalized Photo Collage


Messages for Husband from Wife. Pick your favorite!

Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life

I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I will keep choosing you.

I love you. You annoy me more than I ever thought possible. But i want to spend every irritating minute with you.

I have a man who loves me without restrictions, trusts me without fear, wants me without demand and accepts me for who I am

There is no pretending, I love you and I will love you until I die, and if there is a life after that, I'll love you then.

I wish i could explain your eyes and how the sound of your voice gives me butterfiles. How your smile makes my heart skip a beat and how every time I'm with you, I feel so complete

To my wonderful husband, who has shown me what love really is. Who is the reason for my happy days & the comfort in my sad ones. Who cheers my successes & comforts me in my failures. I am so proud to be your wife. I love you. Cheers!

I couldn't have asked for a better person to walk into my life than you

Its so amazing when someone comes in your life and you expect nothing out of it but suddenly there right in front of you is everything you ever need


Note: If you are looking for a good gift for your hubby, you can go for caricature products. They are super creative and your hubby's gonna love them very much. Just ask our artists to draw a perfect caricature of your hubby, and you get it on frames, canvas, etc. The wall painting will look great and it will be a fun thing to gift to your husband. He will be surprised for sure. Another sexy gift idea, would be a caricature t-shirt, with witty one-liners. Go now and get a perfect present for your husband. A good gift is one which you give to your husband with all your love. Don't worry about the top gifts for him, just go with what you like, and we are sure, he would like it even more. Your good husband deserves good gifts.

What are the most creative gifts? has always tried to bring the best set of collection of gifts. What we focus on is to bring the most creative and most unique personalized gifts for your husband. We want our users to get their desired gifts within minutes. We do not want them to spend hour, searching for best husband gifts. We understand the limited time one has in this fast world. And that's why we have taken special care in designing the gifts that are very precise to the occasion. Our artists create design specific to birthdays, anniversaries, valentines and all the other memorable occasions. The idea is to give you a crisp and concise yet comprehensive collection of best gifts for husband. All the gifts and designs have been made by professional artists, spending hours on each design. As we are into business of personalized gifts, each gift is individually prepared and there is no mass production involved. It makes each piece to be unique and one of a kind.

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Few homemade gift ideas for husband

No matter what you gift, be it a general product or a personalized, nothing comes greater than making something on your own. So if you wish to go the extra mile, and make your husband super happy on his birthday or your wedding anniversary, try create a hand made item. A hand made card for husband, or a simple home made gift would do the trick. Many of us are not creative enough to think of ideas for hand made stuffs, so we list out some good and easy handmade gifting options for your husband.

1. Miniature Notebook : If you’re partner enjoys writing notes, these miniature notebooks will provide the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. They can be hand-made and attached with decorative elements of your choice for an extra special touch.

2. Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes: These heart-shaped chocolate cupcakes not only show your partner how much you care, but are delicious too. Use your favorite recipes and give to your loved one on the big day. Along with these chocolates, you can also add some fresh flowers, to make the gift even more special for him.

Once I heard someone say – ‘Husband and wife are twin souls made of each other forever’.  I believe so too. Love is a beautiful sentiment binds the husband and wife together. Husbands love their wives expressing it. The more you express your love for him, the more you get the same and more in return.  

A forever friend he is; the essence of love he is; the emblem of faith he is; the apex of greatness he is;

The one who walks besides me; the one who stands tall for me; the one he is only; my true love forever!

Yes he’s your husband – the special man in your life. And every occasion is just one reason for rejoice of his existence. This man has taken care of you for years and he will go on to do so for years to come; will ceaselessly make you feel important and special for each day of your life; make you feel loved, till eternity. And you really love him deeply. What would you do to make him special? Gifts are the perfect ways of stealing someone’s heart, especially your husband’s. And you don’t need any season or any reason to gift your beloved husband.  You just need to love him enough to want to make him smile.

Once, my friend gifted a nice handkerchief to her husband with his initials on it. Her husband was so overwhelmed with this warm gesture that he simply hugged her. Those were the days when we used to personalize gifts by creating them on our own. Today, although the essence is same, genre has changed. From neighbourhood gift shop to a classy gift store in the uptown, or an online gift store, you will find some beautiful, some unique, some weird, but all the options for gifts for husband you may want to pick from. However, there are very few places where you may find amazing and unique gift ideas. Check out the online stores’ options and you will come across a whole new world of personalized gifts for husband.  So if you are still wondering what to gift your husband on your anniversary, or his birthday or his success at office or simply to surprise him; don’t worry; you won’t be disheartened with online stores in India.

Although there are many gift stores in the virtual planet, you may want to save on some of your precious time and check out this wonderful land of gifts – that offers you amazing gift ideas for husband. shelters a vast range of gifts for husband for you to pick from. You will be surprised at the choices you will get here. If you husband is the one who loves to organize things, then the personalized desk piece from the wooden series would be a great option for him. Just imprint his name on it with a birthday message and he would be certainly overwhelmed. If he has a creative temper, challenge his spirit with the caricature range of gifts for husband. You may have imagined him as a Hell-boy; now just show him his hell-boy version on a cool T-shirt or even better – the refrigerator magnet cut out; I am sure he would not only burst out loud, but love it to the core. You may also find the beautiful diamond-cut or circular crystal pieces amazing, especially if you want to show your deepest sentiments to your husband. This crystal souvenir makes for a unique gift for husband that will touch his heart in an amorous way. Wait; there are more ways in which you can steal his heart again. Take a look at the Canvas series of gifts for husbands and you want to gift him this one for sure. You can imprint his handsome picture and scribble your feelings on it and there it goes – a perfect gift for husband to skip his heart beat. So there are endless options of gifts for husbands. Just dive in, pick, personalize and gift it to your husband and you will not only create a magical moment for your husband but your relationship too. So what are you waiting for?