Q. Can I have a look at the caricature after the artist completes drawing it?

A. Yes, we do send the artwork for approval before it is sent to production. You can review the artwork and suggest any changes if you want. The artwork will be sent to production, once you approve it. Please note that a revision will take at least 24 hours. The delivery of the product may get delayed than expected date of delivery depending on the changes required.

Q. What if the caricature doesn't satisfactorily resemble the person?

A. The artists at dezains.com are skilled professionals, and they have been drawing caricature for years. The caricature will resemble (facial expressions, pose etc) with the photo that you provide while ordering for making the caricature. You may suggest that you feel are necessary for better resemblance of the caricature. However, please note that this is a caricature and not a portrait and hence it cannot be 100% similar to the photo. Normally a resemblance of 80-85% is expected.

Q. What if the caricature doesn't resemble satisfactorily, even after revisions and I want to cancel the order?

A. If in case you are not satisfied with the caricature, you can always cancel the order. However a minimum of Rs.1100/- will be charged to partly cover the cost of the caricature and poster designing. Rest of the amount will be returned to you in your bank account.

Q. Can I get the artwork printed in bigger size poster?

A. Yes, we can get it done. You can drop a mail to contact@dezains.com with your requirement or contact our customer care and we will assist you with it.

Q. How will you choose the photos to be used for the points mentioned in the poster? Can I send the photos that I need?

A. Our artists will put the suitable photos as per the description of the points that you mention. If you want specific photos to be used in the artwork, you can mail them to contact@dezains.com after placing the order (please mention the order no. in the mail)

Exchange and Warranty

In case the product delivered to you is damaged, we will immediately replace it with a new one. No questions asked. Just drop a mail to contact@dezains.com with the photo of the damaged product or contact our customer care and we will assist you with it.

The process

1. Tagline (if any)

2. Description about the body posture, dresses, background and surrounding

3. The pointers which you would like to include in the poster, which would describe the person

For example, if you are ordering it for your friend, say Gill, on his birthday, you will upload his photo and give us the description; Here is a sample order for Caricature poster for him to give you an idea about the process

Sample photo for caricature

Tagline : Happy Birthday Dear Gill

Description : He should be sitting on a bean bag, wearing shorts and t-shirt. He should be carrying a laptop and an iPhone in his hand. He should be listening to music using earphones.

Pointers to be included : 1. Family man. Adores his mom, respects his dad and loves his sister 2. Bigg Foodie and a pure non vegetarian 3. Carzy about bikes and cards 4. Big fan of actor Vijay 5. Brand conscious 6. Loves to sleep a lot and hates being disturbed 7. Good at pencil sketch 8. Gadget freak 9. Bestest boyfriend 10. Plays basketball 11. Likes action movies 12. Prefers to hang around with friends 13. Has got a good collection of stamps 14. Fishes are his favorite pets and he calls them as kids

Based on your photos and inputs, our professional artist will digitally hand draw and create the poster for you. In case we need any clarification, we get in touch via email or phone with the customers. Sometimes the photos sent aren't very clear, and we ask for better ones via email. We want the best results for our customers.

dezains artist drawing caricature

Framing Options

Once the poster is done, we share a draft with you. You could review it and suggest few changes you like. Once all the changes are done, and you approve the artwork, we proceed with the printing, framing and shipping. In framing we have two options. One is a regular frame, and the other one is a canvas mounted on wooden frame. The size of the frame is A3 - which you could think of roughly double the size of an A4 sheet.

caricature by dezains.com

The pricing

These caricatures as priced at Rs 3999 (hard bound) & Rs 4561 (framed) & Rs 5124 (for canvas) for a single person poster. Lot of hard work, talent and time is involved in creating this compelling personalized posters. Its not a software generated artwork. Reading the descriptions, understanding the content itself is a manual process. Just drawing the caricature face by looking at the photos takes around 30 - 40 minutes of highly concentrated time. And then comes the body, attire, surroundings which takes another 1-2 hours depending on the complexity and the freshness of the description. Each pointers that you present, we look out for clip arts (where ever possible) and place them along with the text. This is another time consuming process. In short, the time and dedication involved in creating this product, is nothing compared to the cost its being offered at! Whatever the cost may be, this will become a priceless gift for the one receiving it!

Watch the dezains video of caricature artist live in action