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Be it for anniversary or wedding, this colorful caricature photo frame is absolutely delightful and will be the talking point of the event with its animated cartoons of the couple and beautiful artistry by the artists.


This beautiful template made for the couples who never shy away to show their love to each other. You can see how romantic atmosphere is in the frame with boy picking the girl in his arms. She looks beautiful in the pink dress while boy is looking like a prince. The rays of light behind give positive vibes to the happy couple. If your wish is to spend this anniversary in style and want to show your love, then this caricature is the perfect option. You can add delight to the occasion and make it a hell of a romantic. Gifting such a beautifully designed frame is something that your loved one won۪t expect. Think about the smile that will automatically come on the face of your love after getting a glimpse of this. You can show how much they mean to you. After all, this design is all about expressing love.

About the product

These are framed wall hangings with your personalized caricature faces. Looking at the photos provided by you, our caricature artist will draw your caricature faces. Your caricature faces will then be used in the selected theme 'as seen in the sample product photo' to create a personalized caricature artwork for you. Once you approve it, the artwork will be printed and framed

Photos Requirement for better Results

Face in the photograph should be clearly visible: Do not send out of focus or blurred photos. The facial features should be clearly visible. A full length photo isn't preferred, as when you zoom into the face, it might become distorted. A nice closeup photograph is preferred. There is no minimum resolution needed, as along as the face is clearly visible.

Its good if the subject is smiling: We request you select a photo in which the person is smiling. A photo with serious look, will result in a caricature with serious look. Our artist draws the expressions in the caricature face exactly like the photos. We can't add smile from our imagination, it won't match with the actual smile of the person.

A front faced photograph is needed: The subject will be drawn exactly like the photos given. So a photograph with side looks, photos in which face is covered or incomplete isn't accepted. For best results the subject should be looking into the camera.

photo guide

Product Details

  • Print Size : 14.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Frame Size : 18.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight : 600 gms
  • Frame Material : Premium quality fiber
  • Front Cover : Clear transparent acrylic
  • Print : 200 Gsm Premium Photo Paper
  • Print Type : Glossy
  • Wall mount : Yes
  • Table top : No (Size is big enough to keep it on table)
  • Personalized : Yes - Caricatures digitally hand drawn by artist
  • Soft Copy of Artwork : Included

photo frame by dezains

Cancellation / Delivery / More Details
Height11.7 Inches
Width16.5 Inches
Weight500 Gms
Designed ForCouple

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