To scan this QR code, you will be needing a QR code reader app installed in your mobile. There are many different apps available for free in the android/ios market for the same. For those who are not using android/ios, or a smart phone, they can ask their friends to scan, and send back the coupon code. 


1. The coupon code will entitle you a discount of INR 50 on products above INR 499

2. The coupon will be valid for one time use only

3. Several coupon codes cannot be clubbed and used at once

4. The coupon code will be valid till 14th feb 2013

5. Once the order has been placed, and the payment has been done, you cannot ask for a reduction or refund of INR 50, by giving us the coupon code. 

6. The coupon code has to be entered during the checkout process. The total order amount will automatically reduce by INR 50, after the coupon code has been succesfully submitted. In case it doesn't, then either the coupon code was incorrect, or has already been used by you once, or the offer has expired

7. The coupon can become void, even before the expiry date, depending on the stock



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