You’re Mom, The Best Gift to Mankind

I hated the time my mom made me do home-work, scolded me for not having my meals and always wanted me to be home by 7pm after playing down my building during childhood. But gone are the childhood days as I have embraced adulthood but with it, mom too has become more protective. This sometimes annoys me; but I realize it’s for my benefit only. Don’t you all go through the same? If you say no, then well…there is something surely wrong.

Sometimes the constant concern, leads to arguments since we are all grown up now and don’t need to be treated as kids. But there is always this person who will treat you like a kid no matter the age. That person is your mother! You will always remain her kid even though you may have children. That’s the love our mother’s have for each and every kid. We tend to ignore these facts but when we grow to that age, we will automatically understand our mother’s. But isn’t that too late?

It’s time we wake up and give this very special person who gave us birth the best treatment ever. God created man but he created wo-man, a person who’s simple, caring, loving, etc. Even adjectives fall short to explain the qualities of a mother! God made man and wo-man, a person who’s doting various roles since birth-a daughter, sister, wife and a mother. So it’s time to go that extra mile and make her feel as the most special and important person in your life.

It’s not necessary that only on ‘Mother’s Day’ you go that extra mile to wish her and show her your love and make your presence felt. Does she take a break from her household chores? Then why should we be selfish and think only about ourselves? It’s time we change the trend and make our respective mother’s feel special everyday of our life as she is the best gift of mankind!

Would I say gift her something? No ways! Don’t show materialistic love as she doesn’t need it. She has enough of that already by her husband! Be the child she wants you to be. It’s time you…

Spend quality time

All she longs for is your time. We are growing up, become working individuals, making money for our living and after work, just rush to our friends to talk about the handsome guy at work. This time, do it differently. Go home and spend an hour or two with your mom; it won’t only make her feel happy but will also make you feel good.

Give her a break

It’s your mom in the kitchen and doing the household chores. Give her a break and take her out for lunch or dinner or even better – cook the meal today. She will be surprised to see you in the kitchen! Give her a break from morning to night. Will make you feel better rather than being the grumpy self that you are!

Take her shopping

Yes I said not to gift something; with that I meant don’t give her; your choice 😉 let her choose her own gift. Trust me; she won’t let you splurge on her. The fact that you have taken her shopping, she will appreciate the fact that you thought of her and not of yourself.

Try and do something small; she only wants to see and feel your love and not your gifts. This day, make her feel special with your affection! 

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