Your Simple Guide to Picking the Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers


worlds best brother photo magnetIt’s particularly easy to amuse a child but as brothers grow older and turn into teenagers and then adult men, it becomes a little hard to figure out the perfect gift for them. If you have no idea what to gift your brother this Raksha Bandhan, then here’s a list of 4 ideas for best Rakhi gifts for brother. Read on to find the best one for your own brother:

  1. Best Brother Ever everything

Everybody else is probably doing the same thing, this and every Raksha Bandhan, but it doesn’t make the idea any less special.

Gift your brother some sweet “best brother ever” gifts like a personalized T-shirt, coffee mug, a photo frame (with the cutest photo of you two), cushions and pillow covers, etc.

brother photo frame on rakhi

You can even make a special best brother doodle for your brother and add some Polaroid photographs and make a poster for his wall to celebrate this beautiful relationship.

  1. The Ultimate Basket

This Raksha Bandhan, shower your brother with best Rakhi gifts for brothers and design your own special ‘ultimate gift basket’ for him. You must be aware of the concept as most people gift baskets now, filled with sweets, luxury items, essential oils, makeup products, etc.

Make your own “ultimate basket” and pick the best gift collection for your brother like his favorite perfume, his favorite T-shirt, his favorite moisturizer, face wash and astringent (if he hasn’t figured out his type yet, you pick the right one for him), hand sanitizer, a pack of facial wipes, a cigarette case (if he smokes and a handwritten note saying, you gotta quit this to win bro), a cute doodled best brother card, a pack of crayons (bring out the child), a decent watch, a pack of shoelaces, cufflinks, etc.rakhi gift for crazy brotherDetermine your budget and your brother’s taste and preferences if you are going to customize the entire basket and you can avoid spending too much money by prioritizing exactly what your brother needs that he doesn’t pay attention to.

  1. A health-spa session

There are these false beliefs and stereotypes that only women enjoy the pampering beauty sessions. Given the physical & mental strain most men go through owing to their ‘traditionally manly’ responsibilities, a beauty and spa session is something that would rejuvenate their mind and body for sure.

It doesn’t matter if your brother is in his 20s or older, you can still surprise him with an amazing spa and beauty session and help him grow more confident and relaxed. If your brother is out a lot in the heat, a spa and beauty session will definitely help him relax, get de-tanned and grow his energy levels higher.

For this gift, make sure that your brother is 18+.

photo collage frame for brother gift on rakhi

  1. Expensive gifts

Royal men often wore jewelry but the modern, 21st century men are focused on only a few items that they can’t do without like cufflinks, tie clips, watches, etc.

Men willing to take a risk and try different styles of jewelry have worn rings, bracelets, necklaces so if your brother has never tried jewelry or wears jewelry, you can buy him something minimal. If you have no idea what jewelry to buy him, you should buy a minimal and expensive watch and cufflinks.

If you want to gift something more meaningful, you can gift your brother a lucky charm with gemstones but make sure that it is not too big and attention-grabbing.

Final Words

big block names fridge magnet for brother on rakhiDon’t obsess over gifting the most unique gifts to your brother but focus on what does he really need. If you want to pick the best Rakhi gifts for brothers, pick the one that your brother will hold on to for a very long time and be grateful that you gave him that like an awesome perfume or sophisticated pair of cufflinks.