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Shobhit and Ankita knew each other since tenth grade. Their relation blossomed very slowly. Mostly like a game of joining the dots, they travelled from one spot to the other discovering about each other in the process. Their journey was inscribed in heaven.  They both went for the similar stream of biology to be together even after their school gets over. Inseparable were they for the outer world. Do jism ek jaan the dono.  They had kept their relation hidden from their families for a long time. But, the time now was reap to be upfront with their parents. There was a lot of pressure from both the sides. And, they were dodging the questions of marriage for very long now.

So, one fine day when they were home on vacations, they decided to arrange a video conferencing between the two families. The idea was to introduce both the families and then give out the news. On 23rd of January, 2013, when the clock struck 7 in the evening, both Shobhit and Ankita switched on their laptop in the lobbies of both the houses. Families were told that a surprise is waiting to be unveiled, and they have to be there. Skype was turned on and the video streaming started. Shobhit and Ankita introduced their families with each other’s. After the formal introduction, very subtly the major information was given. Stunned as the families were, the commendable thing was that they kept their cool.

After a long period of silence, which went in carefully looking at each other, both parties spoke. What happened was entirely opposite the scenario which Shobhit and Ankita had prepared themselves for. Their parents agreed to cement their relationships with love and blessings. And just like that, their world was now brimming with happiness. Their bond transcended the roads of affair into the realm of marriage.

As soon as their parents consented Shobhit started planning for the very first meeting with his soon to be wedded wife. He wanted the day to be perfect. He asked his friends at hostel to arrange for the decoration of their recreational room, where he was to meet her. He pre-booked a special cake for the occasion. The part that was left after all this, was the search of an impeccable gift for his wife, Ankita. He wasted days going from one shop to another, only to find nothing good enough. Then at last he visited the online world hoping to find a gift good enough for his wife. To his amazement, the online stores had the same collections as their offline counterparts. He was about to log out when a flashing link caught his eye. The link said, ‘personalized gifts for your spouse’. He is generally very wary about such links but that day he clicked on it. The link took him to the customized gift world of Dezains. The place which dazzled his eyes with its sublime collection. Shobhit surprised Ankita with his choice of gifts for her. Like Shobhit you too can make your wife happy with personalized gifts from Dezains.

You may have been told that there exists several ways to be the crowned king of your Queen’s heart. Like for example, veterans would have said, ‘If you want to win her over, cook for her’ (yes this trick particularly work both ways). Or the advice from your parents would have been to treat her respectfully and care for, which is true. Or your peers might have indicated that to enter your wife’s heart, you must let her shop at will. Well these roads might lead you close to your destination, some more than the others. But, the highway is most certainly the art and creativity of choosing exquisitely heart-touching gifts for your wife. Gifts that will leave her speechless (isn’t that what all husbands secretively wish for) and earn you the place on throne. A win-win situation. Yeah! Yeah! I am cutting my crap. I can see your eagerness to know the magic trick. So, listen carefully with your eyes, for I will say this just once:

  1. Exclusive couple caricatures: Almost every household has one or two or perhaps even more photo frames with pictures of the couple on the wall. Right? You can gift her the same old thing or you can log on to and choose from excitingly fresh way of having your couple pictures in the house. You can have your caricatures tell your love story with posters, fridge magnets and much more.
  2. Personalized Cushions: The cushions are her support system when she is low or a warm comfort when she relaxes. I know you are jealous of your cushions as she hugs them more than you. With this next trick, you can turn those cushions into your faithful minions. Gift her customized cushions with a romantic message straight from your heart. You can also turn the cushions into a photo frame with your perfect picture printed on it. The cushions will remind her of you every time.
  3. Exquisite Coffee Mugs:  Coffee has been endowed with the power to forge new relations or to breathe life into the old ones. Gift your wife a coffee mug custom made with your favorite moment together. This way she will sip a little love every time she has coffee.
  4. Apron FunWhile she is cooking her way to your heart, you can opt for a smarter easier way. A personalized apron with a lovely message will make for an ideal gift for your wife, one that will keep her happy while she is cooking.
  5. Customized Soap Dispenser – We all agree that women spend too much time in the bathrooms (it’s as if the entire colony is taking a bath, right?). Well you can’t fight it, but you sure can make her time a memorable one by gifting her amazing looking bath accessories customized for her from Dezains. Yeah I know she will spend more time there then…

Don’t give out on opportunities to make her happy. These small moments make for a bigger happiness. Go on Dezains like I did and dazzle her!

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