Why Being an Elder Sister is Great

An elder sister is next to mother who cast herself upon the younger sibling like a great umbrella and saves him or her from every possible threat. She is mild like a bird while taking care of a little bother; she is vicious like a tigress when comes to saving her brother from an external threat. She is the goddess of her brother’s life, protector of his dream-realm. She rears the brother up with love and care. The brother depends on her and the sister, on him. These kinds of exchanges make both the brother and sister enriched with bliss and blessings.

The elder sister is the friend, philosopher and guide in the path of the younger’s life. She teaches, hence the other learns. She guides, hence the other walks. She takes care, hence the other keeps safe. The elder sister is like the inspiration personified whom the younger sibling looks up to. She is the one who shapes up her younger brother in a perfect way. Isn’t that an amazing role to play in someone’s life? This teaches the sense of responsibility even in regard to greater aspects of life. That is great, indeed.

Moreover, what the sister gets in return is also a great gift! She gets unflinching love and respect from the sibling. The sibling grows up to become her protector and saves her from all the possible calamities. When the sister is down, the younger brother will always come and be by her side. Silently enough, but that is a great support. Whenever the sister is sick or prone to some injury, the younger one will be seen working hard helping her at every step. Being an elder sister is simply awesome because you have such a dedicated younger sibling. You want to share something, you have a listener. You want opinions, your have an adviser. You want to play, you have a partner. You are taking a decision, you have a dedicated supporter. That is the joy of being an elder sister.

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