Why Being a Younger Brother is Great

When you open your eyes to the light of the earth, when the first rays of the sun touch you- you cannot see them. But you can feel them; you can feel them on your skin. You receive their touch on your skin- you learn to understand them. You receive your mother’s touch, your father’s fingers and your elder sister’s gleeful smile while you are a baby. Through these, you develop the bond with the world beyond your understanding. Then you start growing up- you start distinguishing your mom from your dad, you learn to recognize your sister’s giggle and reciprocate that with a smile. That is the first time you develop a beautiful bond with your family members, especially your elder sister.

Elder sisters are always excited about a baby brother- as if it is a new and expensive plaything they have got. Ideally they start taking care of the baby bro from the very first day. This develops into deep nurture and genuine feeling of love and empathy with time. The young brother enjoys this great bond all his life from that day onward. Being a younger brother means living in the paradise of love, care and sympathy all the time. Your elder sister will guide you through every problem, will lead you to proper solutions and will be the friend when you need a true companion beside you.

You need to save yourself from your father’s wrath? Your elder sister will guide you! You need a new phone? Your sis is there! Chemistry is eating your head? Then your sister can become your teacher. Your girlfriend ditched you? Your sister will give you the hug of console. A younger brother always has everything, because he has a darling elder sister. So, it is always great being a younger brother- it’s the perfect bliss one can have in life.

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