Why are Sisters and Brothers Your Best Friend?

Your sister is the first woman you befriend after your mother. You remember feeling the peace of sleep at your infancy when her soft fingers touched you. You remember kissing her to sleep at night when she was really young. When you first started playing with your playthings, she was the one who shared hand in it. As you grew up, your bond grew up as well. Your world started being colored by how she sees her own world. She guided you into the utopia called life, where you found a partner to pour your heart out. She was your first friend- isn’t that enough reason to be your best friend?

Sisters and brothers are always friends in mission, partners in crime- they feel for each other; they save each other from dangers. If you have done a mischief that could set your father on fire, your elder sister will definitely cover up for you. If you are sad or down, even if your parents do not understand what is wrong with you, your brother will. Brothers and sisters share beautiful bonds between each other. Your elder brother will always be protective about you. Your sister will be next to your mother when you fall sick. She will be your friend, philosopher and guide.

So, a brother and a sister is always each other’s best friend. They love, fall out, smile and cry together. They share their darkest secrets. They know each other thoroughly. No matter how much geographical distance might be there between the two, the heartstrings are attached strongly. So, Rakhi, he day of this bond being tied, is a very important occasion for both the brother and the sister. Beyond the gifts, fun and festivity, Rakhi is when they say each other: I am there.

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