When Doctor Got Happy Pill!

The only profession in the world which is the most respected and is termed as the god on earth. Valued and esteemed by everyone equally. No matter who you are, a doctor is always ‘Doctor Saab’. The word brings so much trust that we willingly put our lives into the hands of a complete stranger. The gift that we get is of good health and life. The word brings smile on countless faces every day.

I do not exactly remember since when (was a toddler) but my mom tells me that she has been taking me to Dr. Vishwas ever since I was in my nappy. From my excessive sneezing to my worst fevers, Dr. Vishwas took care of me alongside my parents. Apart from those varied colored pills that he prescribed on different occasions, I received very valuable life lessons as well. He became my role model growing up.

Other than being our family doctor Dr. Vishwas is also a member of the family. He has been a friend and confidante of my family since before I was born. His presence is, well mandatory, at family functions and gathering.  He is the bringer of smiles. An arc angel designated to protect us from the evil diseases.

After completing my 10th standard, he was on my mind when I took up Biology as a subject for my further studies. I wanted to become a Doctor like him. When Dr. Vishwas learned about my ambitions he made it his mission to see me through. He became my guiding light. Be it the intricacies of the course or valuable tips to crack the entrance examinations I got it all from him. He always managed to make time for me. Over the years he turned into my best friend. I used to share everything with him. My affairs, tiffs, tussles everything.

The day when I cracked my entrance examinations he distributed sweets among his peers in the hospital. When I joined college he made sure to call me every day and ask about my wellbeing. I remember vividly about the struggle that I had to go through to get into a good internship program. Time was speeding by, when one day I received a phone call from AIIMS. My application was accepted under one of the brilliant surgeons of the country. I was ecstatic and at the same time amazed too. I wasn’t hoping to get in on that program. It came almost as a miracle. It was when my ringing phone displayed Dr. Vishwas’s number that I understood who made the miracle. He was calling to congratulate me for the admission telling me that he heard about the news from a colleague. But, deep down in my heart I knew. I wanted to say thanks to him for looking after me but felt that a single word won’t justify the mix of emotions that I was going through at the time. I had to make it big.

The first day of the fabled internship had come. I was in a group of top medical trainees from around the country. The white coat, the stethoscope hanging around my neck and a pen & notepad, oh the scene was from the dreams, I so often dreamt. Days were passing by and I wasn’t still sure as to what to do for him or give him. It was a Sunday morning and I was sitting in the balcony of my apartment with a coffee mug and newspapers. While turning pages of the paper I happened to stumble upon an article about the latest trends of gifting. The article mentioned that off lately people are focusing on personalizing the gifts to give them more appeal. It mentioned that giving somebody a pen is good but giving somebody an engraved pen with their name on it, just increases the value of gift. In the same article it said that there are various online gift website that are offering these services to their customers, especially Dezains which is an entirely personalized gift store, with a gift for everyone for every occasion. By the time I finished the article I had made up my mind.

I did not lose a moment further. The auspicious Doctor’s Day was around the corner too. The course of action was clear as the day. I sat down with my laptop and logged on to www.dezains.com The first thing that I noticed about the website was that it had a great collection of beautiful personalized gifts. I had seen in one of the Hollywood films called ‘A Beautiful Mind’ that in universities people give their pens to fellow colleagues, who have achieved something tremendous, as a token of their respect and honor. Quite obviously I chose for an engraved pen for Dr. Vishwas, which read ‘For being my light’. I coupled the pen with a set of engraved wine glasses (as I know he is fond of it) with messages that expressed my gratitude towards him. I got these personalized gifts for my Doctor/friend/guide delivered right to his doorsteps, scheduled for the morning of Doctor’s Day.

On the morning of Doctor’s Day, I was waiting for his call, frankly I was up all night in anticipation and excitement. The phone ranged when the clock hit ten. It was his call. My heart was fluttering and when I heard his hello, I knew what he was feeling. I could hear the emotions rumbling in his throat. I knew at that moment, my doctor got his happy pills.

I am sure you all have one such Doctor in your life whom you would like to wish this Doctor’s Day. Wait no more, log on to Dezains and give your friend & savior the happy pill of personalized gifts.

Make his day into a Happy Doctor’s Day!

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