What’s Your day of Love ?

We all grow up with one inherent wish rooted deep inside our hearts. The wish to find that one soul which will make us whole! A pair of hands we can hold in times of bliss and distress. A heart to beat in resonance with ours to create the music we call Life. We look for that beautiful person in all ways possible. We sift through a bunch of people en route to finally stand face to face with him/her. Rahul too had spent countless hours and unimaginable amount of strength in his endeavor. He has been lurking in the darkest corners of life to find his light. He remembers his first day of college. He, in his excitement, had reached earlier. The eagerness gave him the chance to choose the place of his liking to sit for the rest of the year (yeah I know you have a bench in the college with your name etched on it). So, there was he marking his territory with a nail that he pulled out from under the bench. Class had started to fill in with unknown faces. He just looked at everyone and smiled, never bothered to even shake hands.

He was happy with how cursive his name appeared on the bench. Then a pen came out of his bag to make the etching colorful. It was then, when his eyes stuck on a figure entering the class. The frail looking girl had a magnetic charisma which shone through her eyes; the thing which caught Rahul’s attention. The only person who was glued to his seat up until now, made sure that he must be the first person to talk to her. In no time, the simple looking conversation made a left turn towards the love-Ville. Rahul bought many gifts (a lovely red card with heart, a snowball piece, a showy bracelet etc.) but gave none to his new found girlfriend. Why? Well even he didn’t know the answers. All he could say was it wasn’t right. As it happens, the two parted their ways after some time. Rahul was back into his lonely hole.

A year later Rahul had found a new bench to etch his name on (I hope you got the allegory here). While all his friends were getting hitched for life, Rahul kept shifting his place. From one row to other. Using various font styles to engrave his name (okay I guess the metaphor have been stretched too far). Anyway the crux of the tale is Rahul couldn’t find that one part to make him whole. In the meanwhile he graduated from being a teenager in college to being a professional in a MNC. All his hitched friends were now stamping their relations with wax seal. During one such event Rahul bumped into Rohini, a friend of his friend’s bride. Unlike all the other girls that he has been with Rohini had something different, something that he wasn’t able to figure out. All he knew was that his hear raced like never before. Even though he stood in one place in a centrally A/C hall, he was sweating profusely as if he had sprinted for very long. His thoughts were still and not going haywire.

There when he was standing on a beautifully decorated stage, an arrow (cupid’s obviously) came flying through the air and pierced his heart. Rahul had never felt this before. Everything around went silent. Finally he was at peace. This time it was him who got etched. Rahul had his Day of Love!

Smooth talker that he is, Rahul broke a conversation with Rohini easily. When everything else around you stands still, time moves faster than it should. Six months have gone by since the time he saw her first. Rahul now completely belongs to Rohini. Rahul wanted to do something special for his angel, so he planned their six month’s anniversary tour to Shimla. The place close to Rohin’s heart. Rahul knew he doesn’t have to go over bound in impressing Rohini. But he also wanted her to feel what he feels for her. To tell her what she means to him without the use of words.

He kept searching for ways to show his love to her. The online gift world had so many options but all of them old and stale. He was trying various combinations of words to land on different search results. His answer came when he typed in ‘personalized gift items for girlfriends’ in the search box. The page was www.dezains.com. An online gifting website loaded with personalized gift items to give to your girlfriend on various occasions and even without any. Rahul arranged a line of surprises.

When they reached the hotel reception on their first tour, the receptionist handed over a photo canvas with a collage of photos from their D-Day (their pictures from the marriage where they met). She was quite amazed and delighted. Rahul called his friend to get those pictures especially made. The room door had a key chain with a message “Welcome to my Life” engraved on it. And then came the final draw, two beautiful personalized wine glasses filled with red wine with their names on it kept amidst the light of candles. The delightfulness has leaped over the wall into euphoria. Rahul’s search for a perfect girlfriend, for that one missing part was over.

Do not just lay back in showing your love. You can gift your girlfriend something exquisite, something personalized and more close to your heart. You too can now turn your day of love into an exotic personalized affair with gifts from Dezains.

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