Marriage is a celebration!

Not only in India; but around the world, marriages are celebrated with enthusiasm and style. Every person’s marriage celebration is different and we are guests get to enjoy and be a part of their celebration.

I love attending wedding celebrations because they are filled with song, dance, drinks and good food. More than anything else, I look forward to the bride’s outfit at every wedding I attend. Yes, that’s right the dress!

Being a member of a multi-cultural society, I get to witness and be a part of different wedding celebrations; where each culture celebrates differently. But the common factor in all weddings remains the gifting!

I fail to understand why people consider gifting a task. In fact, gifting should be fun. I fail to understand why people tend to stick to old-fashioned means of gifts like flowers and money.

Nevertheless, I love gifting stuff and here are my suggestions…


You may think these are available only abroad but no, if you do put in a little effort, the same can be made available in India too. All you need to do is get some love letter printed on napkins. You may consider this cheap but ask yourself – have you heard of this before? I gifted these to my family friend and she was left speechless. You too could give that a moment to the newlyweds.


Gifting wine bottles may not be the trend in India, but you could adapt the same from the Western culture. If we adapt other things from the West, then why not adopt their way of gifting? I definitely love this idea of gifting wine bottles. Although other cultures may not accept it, it’s the latest trend!


If you have a smaller budget, you could use digital technology and get their images imprinted on a set of mugs. This personalized mug won’t cost you much and it’s an indication of personalization along with love. If you don’t have their respective images, hop onto Facebook you will definitely find one there!


This is something very unique which I came across while I was part of unpacking gifts of my cousins wedding. A certain someone had gifted the newlyweds an imprint of Mr. & Mrs on a pair of pillow cases and in my opinion, they were awesome! You too could use this as a gifting idea.

Try staying away from the regular gifts of housing appliances and bedroom accessories as they are out dated. Let the newlyweds choose their own house appliances rather than sticking the ones gifted by you people. Try the above mentioned ideas they will surely work in your favour.

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