Valentine’s Week 2019 – List of Dates, Schedule & Timetable – Rose Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day & More

There is always a buzz around the Valentine’s Day. Folks all around the world start celebrating the occasion a week in advance. If you have never celebrated the entire valentine week, well, this year – 2019, you could enjoy each one of the special days!

Here’s a list of the special days around Valentine, when do they fall, and what are they called. You could plan your days accordingly.

  • Rose Day
  • Propose Day
  • Chocolate Day
  • Teddy Day
  • Promise Day
  • Hug Day
  • Kiss Day
  • Valentine’s Day
1st Day of
Rose Day7th, Feb 2019Thursday
2nd Day of
Propose Day8th, Feb 2019Friday
3rd Day of
Chocolate Day9th, Feb 2019Saturday
4th Day of
Teddy Day10th, Feb 2019Sunday
5th Day of
Promise Day11th, Feb 2019Monday
6th Day of
Hug Day12th, Feb 201Tuesday
7th Day of
Kiss Day13th, Feb 2019Wednesday
Valentine’s Day14th, Feb 2019Friday

Rose Day

7/02/2019 (Thursday): As the name suggests, this is a day where young and old couples, guys and girls, exchange roses and love notes. This is the mark of the beginning of Valentine’s day. A single fresh rose can do wonders. So be prepared, pick up a fresh rose from a garden (rather than buying a traditional one) and impress your partner/lover on the rose day.

Propose Day

8/02/2019 (Friday): A perfect day to finally propose your partner. Proposing isn’t easy. There is always this fear of getting rejected. This day gives courage to people in love to express their love to the special someone. Well, this year it falls on Friday, so you could take him/her out for dinner or Friday night party, and finally propose.

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Chocolate Day

9/02/2019 (Saturday): Shell out few bucks to buy some premium dark chocolate for your probable Valentine. Don’t go for regular chocolates that we generally eat and buy from the corner grocery store. Visit a decent place and buy some exclusive chocolates for the chocolate day. Its a special day, so you need to get a special chocolate.

Teddy Day

10/02/2019 (Sunday): Soft toys are special for girls and even some grown up women. Teddy is a symbol of cute love, that that’s people celebrate the teddy day. Today you could buy a small teddy for your lover. If gifting a big teddy is feasible, you should go for it. Or else, you can always buy a symbolic teddy like small key chains, or even a greeting card with teddy will do.

Promise Day

11.02.2019 (Monday): It’s the day you make a lot of meaning promises. Now that you have started off as a couple, after the propose day, chocolate day and teddy day, it’s time to get a bit serious in your relationship. To move to the next level, you now need to make serious promises. Think of a list of promises – write it down in your own handwriting, and sign it at the bottom. Roll it down, tie a red ribbon to it, and gift it to your lover.

Hug Day

12.02.2019 (Tuesday): Now, that promises have been made on promise day, it’s time you guys get close. A warm and tight hug is all you need to move ahead to the kiss day. This should be taken slowly. Start off with a light hug initially, and then as the day progresses, give a better hug, and end the day, with a tight long hug. And if it’s the midnight, you can hug before midnight, and then kiss as post midnight it will be kiss day.

Kiss Day

13.02.2019 (Wednesday): It’s the day you have been waiting for. With all the built up starting from rose day to hug day, today is the day when the couple kisses and celebrate this form of expression of love. Light kisses on the cheek to intense lip to lip kiss, it’s for the couple to figure out. But you get to keep kissing your partner every now and then.

Couple Kissing on Kiss Day
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Valentine’s Day

14.02.2019 (Thursday): This is the final day of the week – The Valentine’s Day! Today as a couple, you do what you like. Each partner has to do everything possible to make his/her lover feel loved and the luckiest person in the world. Today is the day when you give beautiful valentines’ day gifts. Make gifts on your own, or buy personalized valentine gifts online, it’s your choice. Also, keep a beautiful memory of today, by capturing the best moment and getting it framed. So, that for every valentine’s day you celebrate with your partner, you would have a beautiful set of photo frames to look back and relish the occasion of Valentines’, and thank to whoever started this trend.

For those, who don’t want to get all committed up and all, have these days to celebrate after the Valentine’s Day. This is your way to get out of the relationship.

9th Day of
Slap DayFriday15th February 2019
10th Day of
Kick DaySaturday16th February 2019
11th Day of
Perfume DaySunday17th February 2019
12th Day of
Flirting DayMonday18th February 2019
13th Day of
Confession DayTuesday19th February 2019
14th Day of
Missing DayWednesday20th February 2019
15th Day of
Break Up DayThursday21th February 2019