Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriend

What are thinking of doing for your boyfriend this Valentine? If you’re like ordinary girls, probably you’ll sit back and let yourself be pampered. It’s the day to let the other one sweat for you. But there’s one thing you must never forget: a Valentine’s Day gift is how you can give him a sign, tell him how crazy you still are for him, and remind him never to let go.

Valentine’s gifts are meant to be deliberated on. ‘The first time I got up the courage to confess to him – how I stressed about how he’d feel, how he’d take it!’ Even after you’ve had a history with your special someone, you can’t make it any more rushed, any less meaningful. I start thinking about it from the week before, browsing galleries and looking online. Sometimes I find the most lovely jeans or a bunch of letters and flowers, but I have to reject it because it’s just not him. Other times I find the perfect thing right away. This is a matter of knowing what your boyfriend needs the most, like the previous time I bought him a collection of caricature products depicting us two in almost all moods of life. The look in his eyes was terrific. Better still, it didn’t even burn a hole in my pocket!

Valenties Day gifts for Boyfriend
Valenties Day gifts for Boyfriend

They say the best gift is made from your own hands, but it’s hard to come up with a good idea every year. It’s hardly once or twice that you feel really good about your skills and how to use them for such a huge work is still a nightmare of sorts. Even when I happen to write a poem that I can put on chart paper, maybe in a card, it just doesn’t look all that special.

A Valentine’s Day gift won’t always go down well. Let me tell you about the time I made a huge risk with the boyfriend I still have now: I gave him earrings as a gift. They were small and metal, the kind that look good on boys, but it was still a little unusual for my boyfriend who never wears accessories. I just thought that he might look better if I got him to start. When I gave him the gift, I remember he had a hard time opening the wrapping.

“It’s beautiful!” he said. “Only… it looks like the shopkeeper made a tiny mistake.”

I didn’t say anything. I just gave him a long, helpless glare. But I was boiling with embarrassment inside because I knew I should have built up to it, done more work.

Never do anything out of fear. If you’re confident about your relationship, and of your ability to succeed with innovation, there is no need to spend huge bucks on buying uber-expensive gifts for him. Here’s the cue!


Gifts for boyfriend on Valentines Day


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