Living in the 21st days when we actually lived a life. Social media has literally taken over our lives. Various

sites, applications, etc have emerged giving the individual many platforms to showcase the life he is living. But there are a few times, we miss the good old days and want to share the life we lived. We say hello to Throwback Thursdays!

Initially it was Orkut that we started off with; but Facebook has literally taken over that space. If you only want to know what a friend is doing, where he/she has gone, what they shopped, what they are eating? Then hop onto Facebook, you will get all the information you require. Then came Twitter – a social network where you tweet away your thoughts, minds, feelings, etc. It came as a medium of writing away small feelings and thoughts.

The latest among these social networks is Instagram. Its doing wonders by letting people share images of their life. Either on the spot images or old images, people are just sharing away their feelings and emotions. Through this medium came along Throwback Thursday – words millions of people around the world use so share memories of past events that make them happy. It’s a medium to showcase followers of the past memories which they either miss or want to re-live them.

The good olden days can never disappoint any person as sometimes being too social can have its side effects as well. Never the less, you could add a little gift to the Throwback Thursdays by gifting unique personalized gifts like personalized mugs, personalized keychains, etc. My personal favorite is the personalized photo frame as they are a collage of different memories.

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