Things Not to Gift Your Girlfriend

Girlfriend – a person’s regular female companion with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationship.

You may be wondering why is she giving us the meaning of the word? Well, the meaning itself should indicate to you what she means to you!

We are off the age of the 60-90’s where falling in love was rare and weird according to society. Now-a-days relationships are common and expressing oneself in public has become the in thing.

Since this girl is a special person and holds a special part in your life, you should very well know how to keep her happy and give her things that are worth it rather than gifts that will piss her off.

By me saying this, you may be confused what I’m talking about. Fret not here are some items you shouldn’t be gifting your girlfriend at all…


Whenever you buy a gift card/voucher, you are indirectly telling the person, “I don’t know you well so here’s the cash, just pick a gift yourself.” That’s something not at all acceptable for someone whom you’re in love with. If you intend on sending her shopping, give her the cash on a different occasion. But if you give her a voucher of a spa that would definitely work in your favour.


Although your girlfriend may go all ga-ga when she sees a cute soft toy, that doesn’t mean she gets that as a gift. You may consider the soft toy as the perfect gift; but she will think you consider her an immature kid. These kinds of gifts are meant for children not your girlfriend. So this one is a complete no-no for sure!


You may not want to insult her by gifting a gym membership or workout attire. This could be interpreted in two ways – if she’s a fitness freak, it will definitely work in your favour. But if she isn’t, she will think that you’re calling her fat and she needs to reduce. No woman likes to see those extra pounds on her body hence you have to play safe and smart in this area.


We understand you’re trying to be romantic here, but gifting a picture of yourself is a complete no-no. This gift speaks of your image as being cheap, insecure and self-obsessed. You may try to indicate your love through the image but she might just throw that in the bin! Instead, gift a camera – that would definitely be a much better option.


Your girlfriend might be a tech geek, but gifting an electronic will not work in your favour. The idea of electronics is not a thoughtful or personal gifting. Instead, it just tells the other, that the time was short and this was the only option. What if she isn’t a gadget freak? She might just throw the item straight at your face. An exception would be her indication that she wants one or you could just fill the item with images of the times you’ll spend together. In my opinion, just try and stay away from gadgets! It’s mostly a guy-thing!

Rather than gifting things that are turn-offs, take time out, think and finalize on that one perfect gift. That’s the best option!

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