The Same Old???

Let me tell you a scenario and you have to guess about what I am talking. So, the story goes like this. The room is all set. Mood lighting, jasmine fragrant sticks, light piano music in the background. A couple in their late twenties are standing by the table. A beautiful delicious looking cake is set in the middle of the table. The couple together puts the knife through the cake. The wife takes out a big piece from it. They both then feed each other. The piece of the cake tastes even better now that it is mixed with love. The wife then gives her husband a charmingly wrapped gift. He opens the wrapper and is surprised by what’s inside it. It is the same perfume that he has been looking for so long. While he is admiring his gift, his wife is eagerly waiting for hers. He takes his time, probably because he is hesitant to bring out what he got for her. But then he has to give her. She opens his gift only to find out the same old, but her favorite, box of chocolates inside. She smiles from above but is slightly blue within. Yeah I know you are smiling. So now you know what I am talking about you.

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