The alive essence of family

Family is not just who sleeps under one roof, but the one that respects every relations and their individuality and love them for what they are.  The family members act as both a shield from the outer world for each other and also as a stimulant for cumulative growth of each member of the whole. As a famous writer once said, “family is forged not by the relation of blood, but by the love they share”.

Those little fleeting moments of happiness and pain as well are the building blocks of a family. The fights that have the power to break them also has the ability to work as the bonding agent between the members of the family. Once my brother and I broke a fight. The reason for it, if you would ask me, must have been very trivial or to be frank there might not have been one. Yeah I know you could relate with that, because I am sure you have your fair share of those ‘stupid’ fights. Well the reason behind me telling you this (yes there is one here) is that during the fight I took one on my nose. As a result I started bleeding profusely. The fighting obviously had stopped, but the blood coming out of me did more than just that. My little brother who loves me more than anything said to our mother, “This is the last time I raised hand on bhaiya. It doesn’t matter who wins the fight. The fact is both lose”. I apologized by making a nice suji ka halwa and then sharing with him. This small incident made our bond stronger than ever before. Now that we both are situated in different cities miles apart, we surprise each other by sending surprise customized gifts from Dezains. Caricatured fridge magnets, coffee mugs, t-shirts and what not. Dezains has surely kept our world full of happy moments. For what more, we have a special day to rejoice our relations – The Family Day.

The time that we spend with family prepares us for our future. Dealing with siblings teaches us to be a team player. While the affinity with parents instills the basic laws and etiquettes of the society at large. As everything else, a relationship too requires maintenance and care. This can be done by paying attention, respect and at times giving out small tokens of love. Siblings are hard to please but gifts for them can be easily found. For parents the choice becomes a tad difficult. At Dezains, we noticed your predicament and came up with a range of gifts just for your parents. You can choose from our line of exquisite products like, a Photo canvas, an engraved wooden Pen-stand, an etched crystal glass and many more.

Remember families are precious. They support you and nurture you irrespective of your distance from them. The family of a person is the most treasured entity he/she can ever possess. The families like flower are delicate as well. They need constant protection from the heat and ruggedness of the nature. The Family day gifts from Dezains are small gestures of love to keep that flower ever fresh. So, what are you waiting for? Log onto www.dezains.com and choose a moment of happiness for the dearest piece of your life.

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