You may be wondering, why have I mentioned my teacher as my best friend, right?

Well… this is because I share a very close relationship with my teacher since school days. Although she has been my primary school teacher, our bond continued during school days till today.

You may call me her pet or her favourite student, but I would disagree. It’s all based on how you treat your teacher and how she interprets the treatment. Most of my school mates used to be jealous of our bond but that hasn’t bothered us till date.

For most of us, our teachers have been remembered only during the days when we were at school and are forgotten once we have moved out.

As for me, she is remembered every day of my life. I always try my level best to make it to school every 5th September only to take permission from the principal to attend a lecture of my teacher and surprise her. My presence is all that matters to her I guess may be because I am the only one who remembers her.

No self praises here but a few years ago, she happened to tell me how the others ignore as they walk past her as if they don’t know who she is or that she even exists. This brought tears to my eyes.

Since I love her too much and she has been my favourite, I prefer giving her personalized gifts as they make her feel special. You too could gift your teacher gifts like personalized pens, personalized diaries, personalized key chains, etc.

Off all the items, personalized photo frames are my all time favourite. Although this may be a repeat but when you personalize the photo frame with images of the past, you will be glad to see the smile it gets on the other person’s face!

You could also try your hand at baking or making personalized t-shirts, personalized napkins or even personalized wine glasses for that matter. It’s all about the thought and love that comes across these gifts.

So this teacher’s day, bring a smile to your teacher’s face with gifts!

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