The Sweeter Half

Love has a tendency of surprising you. It always enters your life in unexpected ways and from extremely unprecedented places. Like a hero in the movie, it catches you off-guard and sweeps you off your feet. That moment onwards you walk the path of life like an intoxicated person. Such is the magic of love that even the gods cannot resist it. The day is still very vivid in my memory when love surprised me. I was at a railway station waiting for my train, when bright as a morning sun ‘She’ climbed down the stairs and entered my life. I knew then that she will light up the dark alleys of my life – My wife!

I planned a romantic evening, took her out for a ride. I then parked the car at a high place overlooking the river. The evening was slowly rising up the sky. We stood there with the lovely breeze caressing our skins. It was the eve of our first marriage anniversary. I brought her a box of chocolates, a handmade card with a poem that I wrote for her. In the cold breeze that ran through her beautiful hair, we cherished some precious moments together. The part of the gifts that really swept her off her feet was a personalized photo cube I got from an online gift store. She liked it so much that it is always by her bedside.

I have since found out the perfect way to woo her. Every now and then I simply go online and get her something special for her birthdays, our anniversary (which by the way falls every month) and any other day. Seeing her happy and smiling makes my day. If it were not for the online gift store, it would have been pretty much of a task for me, as I faced at one point of time, choosing something exciting for your better half. Going around from shops to shops, scouring through innumerable things to find that one perfect gift for your wife; well accept that we are not very good at finding gifts for anyone. We have always been helped by our wives. But, now you don’t have to go through the tiresome process anymore.

Visit this awesome one-stop avenue –, for amazingly ingenious gifts for your wife that you can get. Shuffle through the enormous collection of personalized and creative gifts. You can give her a caricatured t-shirt with either just her caricature or a caricature of you together. This will certainly draw her eye and will look gorgeous on her. You can also give her a personalized photo shoot poster at an exotic locale, that she will never let down from her wall. If you are feeling a tit-bit naughty and romantic, you can send her a Kiss Card with pop-up origami kissing lips, which will certainly make her blush. Surprise her by gifting her your love story, from the day you met.

If she loves cooking, you can choose from our exquisite range of Kitchen accessories. Light up your room with Fragrant Candles from Dezains for a lovely romantic time. There is an ocean of exclusive and exhilarating new products at Dezains. So, make no more excuses of less time, or cumbersome marketing process. Remember key to a successful marriage is keeping the element of surprise alive. Sweep her off her feet now and then and you will see how happy life can be.

Just log on to and surprise your lovely wife with our wonderful products. If you can’t find what you were looking for, share with us your idea and leave the rest. We will get it done.  Just for her!

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