Surprise Love!

The fabric of relationship of husband and wife has been so knitted with love and compassion. The soul mate, my husband does all that is needed and more to love & support me; wooing, and dazzling me with his ingenious efforts. To my amazement he has always astonished me. So, this time on our anniversary, I thought of sweeping my husband off his feet (so to speak). How I did that is a story, which makes me, blush with pride every time I remind myself of it. I was looking for ideas to do something special for him; something that will stay with him forever.

As I was surfing through various places and events that can be apt for the day, fortunately I stumbled onto an online gifting portal of Dezains. While going through the stuffs on display there, I knew what I had to do. On the very morning I woke up before him to make his favorite morning coffee with cheese-bits. I poured the coffee in the coffee mug with our caricature on it. Needless to say that for the first time the coffee mug was better than the coffee itself; I could see that in his admiration and smile. After having coffee he got involved in his daily chores and so did I. I packed up his lunch and kept it on the center table alongside his handkerchief, on top of which I placed his car key in a personalized key chain with message ‘I Love You’. He got all ecstatic at the very sight of that gift; I felt it in a warm hug he gave me. It was indeed the perfect gift for husband for that moment. Little did he know that I had bigger plans to dazzle him.

While he was juggling with his chores at the office, I prepped our house for the evening extravaganza. The air abode was filled with the aroma of the scented candles. The center table had a bottle of wine and two exquisite wine glasses, with my messages carved on them – just a perfect gift for my husband for a romantic evening. And indeed, with the help of these personalized gifts for husband, I could woo my husband and sweep him off his feet. Indeed it made his day really special.

The world of these gifts for husband is enormous; each of the gifts created with special thoughts and can be customized as well. Romantic photo collages or the cool T-shirt with his handsome picture on it; personalized pen or a professional diary – there’s a college for every occasion; you will certainly find something here to sweep your hubby off your feet.

So, decipher the love you have for your hubby with the most romantic gifts for your husband you will find here. Give your love the Midas touch!  It’s just a click away!

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