Surprise Caricature Photo frame for your Wife/ Husband/ Boyfriend/ Girlfriend that are way too Romantic

So, we specialize in caricature products, and that’s a well know fact. Here we present you the top 10 most romantic caricature themes, that you can customize and present it your better half / partner, on special occasions. Have a look, and don’t shy away from placing your order. Flat 20% off on all caricature products for a limited time.

  • Caricature Photo Frame – The Proposal Story

This design is suitable for the couple in which someone is going to propose soon or already have proposed. This could also be gifted to your partner, remembering the beautiful moment when he/she proposed you. You can add the proposal date, the tagline to customize it even further. Impress your partner by this hand drawn caricature photo frame gift. You and your partners photo will be used to draw caricatures for this artwork. A beautiful souvenir to remember your proposal story.

guy-proposing-girl-caricature-by-dezains-1 guy-proposing-girl-caricature-by-dezains-2

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  • Caricature Photo Frame – The Elephant Ride

Gift your partner this highly creative personalised caricature photo frame by dezains. The faces will be hand drawn by looking at your photos. The unique photo frame is sure to add style quotient of your room. In this design, the couple can be seen riding on the back of an elephant, and having a lovely time. There are hearts floating all around, and the elephant too is showering love by this trunk. What a romantic and lovely theme with so much of positive vibe.

couple-on-elephant-caricature-frame-by-dezains-1 couple-on-elephant-caricature-frame-by-dezains-2

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  • Caricature Photo Frame – The Teddy Bear

In this design, the couple can be seen holding teddy bears in their hand. They are fun, young and happy go lucky kinda couple. No matter how old you grow, one should keep the child alive. Well this theme tries to reflect that. A perfect photo frame for some happy and crazy couples who are still kids at heart. A custom hand drawn caricature photo frame is one hundred percent the perfect gift for your partner.

couple-teddy-bear-theme-caricature-by-dezains-1 couple-teddy-bear-theme-caricature-by-dezains-2

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  • Caricature Photo Frame – The Moon Story

A perfect romantic gift for your lover/partner. Customised hand drawn caricature photo frame, where both of you can been seen spending beautiful time on the moon. A perfect wall decor for your lovely room. In this design, your imagination knows no bounds. You along with your partner (girlfriend, wife, lover) can be seen sitting closely on the moon, talking about things, making promised among the stars. A perfect romantic set up to immerse in love and devotion.

couple-sitting-on-moon-caricature-frame-1 couple-sitting-on-moon-caricature-frame-1

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  • Caricature Photo Frame – Walk to Remember

A creative wall art gift for your partner, that will increase the positive vibe of your living room. Your caricatures will be drawn by professional artists, by looking at your photos. A big A3 sized frame, is sure to look awesome! In this design, you can see the couple walking across the beautiful and scenic street, dressed in stylish clothes and talking and sharing things. This can surely be the walk to remember if you put in the right message in the artwork.

couple-walking-together-caricature-by-dezains-1 couple-walking-together-caricature-by-dezains-1

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  • Caricature Photo Frame – The Musical

Did you ever sing to her? Add your favorite song as a message in the artwork, and of course your caricature faces will be drawn by our artist. A lovely and romantic personalised photo frame you can gift to your partner. Doesn’t matter if you can play the guitar or not, or can’t dance. This artwork reflects the bond the partner shares. The guy can be seen playing the guitar, and the lady dancing a bit in the lovely red dress she is wearing. It might be a proposal song, or their wedding song.

Couple-singing-song-caricature-2-gift-by-dezains Couple-singing-song-caricature-2-gift-by-dezains

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  • Caricature Photo Frame – World Trip

Add this creative wall art caricature photo frame in your collection. You and your partner’s caricature face will be drawn by professional artist. Add a beautiful soul touching message, to make this the perfect gift for your wife/girlfriend. In this design, couple can be seen riding a private yacht and on a world tour. The artwork shows the outgoing nature of the couple, couples who love to travel, and together they want to see the world. In the background iconic monuments of the world can be seen.

world-traveller-couple-caricature-frame-by-dezains-1 world-traveller-couple-caricature-frame-by-dezains-1

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  • Caricature Photo Frame – Magical Swing

A very romantic caricature photo frame that you can personalise with your own caricature face. Beautifully hand drawn by professional artists, these artwork will be framed, and find a permanent place in your decor. In this design, couple can be seen swinging on magical swings which are fixed to moon and stars. And in this heavenly adobe, the couple can be seen making sweet promises. The background is subtle which brings out the real caricature artwork.

swinging-couple-moon-star-caricature-frame-1 swinging-couple-moon-star-caricature-frame-1

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  • Caricature Photo Frame – Arrow of Love

In this design, couple can be seen setting on hearts floating in air. The backdrop is all lovey dovey, with hearts all around. The guy can be seen holding a bow and arrow with heart shaped tip. It’s showing the comfortable and cosy bond between the couple. A very romantic caricature photo frame that we will personalise with your caricature faces. This will be special and unique gift for your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend on special occasions like anniversary, birthdays or valentine’s day.

love-birds-couple-caricature-by-dezains-1 love-birds-couple-caricature-by-dezains-1

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  • Caricature Photo Frame – Lets Swing

A sweet and romantic caricature theme by us. Just get your photos caricatured (our artist will do that for you) and gift this wonderful artwork framed to your loving partner. Its a cute and unique gift, isn’t it? In this design, couple can be seen sitting tight on a swing and facing the camera. Its just a picture perfect moment that have been captured. The scene looks like a part of a romantic animation movie – just that the characters are you and your partner.

couple-having-a-good-time-caricature-by-dezains-1 couple-having-a-good-time-caricature-by-dezains-1

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  • Caricature Photo frame – The Night Sky

A perfect scene with clear sky and great view of the stars. Capture this truly amazing moment in form of your caricature. Gift this photo frame with your personalised caricatures to your better half.

In this design, couple can be seen looking the starts. Its a clear night sky, with skyscrapers in the background, with bright stars and moon. A glowing heart in the sky is magical and the girl seems excited and pointing towards it.

couple-watching-the-night-sky-caricature-frame-by-dezains1 couple-watching-the-night-sky-caricature-frame-by-dezains1

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And this is not it folks! There are plenty more here. And the frames come in different colors. You can pick the one that suits your decor and taste.

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