Romantic Five Senses Gifts for Him (Boyfriend, Fiancé or Husband) to surprise your partner

The five senses gift concept revolves around titillating the five basic senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell) of the recipient with different gifts. These gift ideas can be trinkets or keepsakes or experience gifts, and satisfying a gift for each makes for an extremely memorable event.

Five senses gift ideas are originally crafted by lovers for lovers, so today we are going to discuss ideas on five senses gifts for him, your lover, either a boyfriend, fiancé or husband. If you are looking for five senses gift for her, then wait for it!

I will give you a few gift ideas for each of the five senses and you choose whether to give the gifts one by one for a nice whole day event (perfect for dating and wedding anniversaries and Valentines day) or as a gift basket (which would be appropriate for the man’s birthday or Christmas, even Father’s day.) See here husband gift ideas on

  • Gift for the Sight

He will see this five senses gift for him and he will be happy he has eyes!

A hot air balloon ride is exciting, and your man will see the fantastic view from above. Perfect gift idea for the SIGHT.

Eyes most probably are the most receptive of the five sensory organs and is the easiest to satisfy for men. Men are very visual creatures and for that this could be the most memorable gift among the five.

  1. Hot air balloon trip.
  2. Trip to a museum or zoo or aquarium, or even whale watching.
  3. Painting classes, photography lessons.
  4. A scenic, beautiful and elegant gondola ride.
  5. This is for the kid in him: a blanket fort!
  6. A photo collage of your trips. Either you can buy a collage frame your can hang or buy a digital frame.
  7. Trip to his favorite game: basketball, football, hockey… he is your man, ask him casually!
  8. A snorkeling or a scuba diving trip to see the beauty of the ocean will be a great gift for the sense of sight.
  9. A good photo book like Shake, which is a collection of pictures of dogs taken mid-shake.
  10. Movie date night!
  11. You can go also go to a musical theater if you are feeling fancy.
  12. Turn him into a video game character.
  13. Go hiking, have a picnic in the mountains or in the woods and see the beautiful forest!
  14. Red, lacy lingerie (You will wear it, girl!)
  15. A strip tease is a great sexy gift for your man


  • Gift for the Touch

The most sensual of the five gifts for your man!

You can both have a skydiving experience and FEEL the wind blowing on your face!

If the sight is the sexiest, then the touch is the most sensual.

  1. Silk boxers. These feel super nice. And comfy. And sexy!
  2. Jewellery (a necklace, cuff link or a nice ring),
  3. Cardigan or dress shirt.
  4. Hand warmers.
  5. The Art of Shaving Set.
  6. You can also treat your man to a wet shaving experience.
  7. Skydiving for two! You will definitely feel the wind going against your face. You both will feel the adrenaline rushing, too!
  8. A bathtub date, complete with rose petals, bubble bath, champagne.
  9. Join a pottery making class. It looks so fun shaping clay into a useful and decorative object!
  10. Heating back massagers.
  11. Full body massage (A trip to the spa, or much better, buy some massage oils and massage him yourself!)
  12. You can also schedule a trip to a hydrotherapy massage places, where you get to bathe in the pools with mater jets massaging your body. That is so relaxing!


  • Gift for the Hearing

The ears are a romantic organ, if you know how to excite it!

A man would love to receive a nice watch anytime. Be sure to get the classic ticking clock so he will remember you every time he HEARS it tick.

Sound and music translated to love!

  1. A mixdisc of his favorite songs. (Because mixtapes are outdated… get it?)
  2. Concert tickets.
  3. A trip to a music festival.
  4. If he plays an instrument, something that he can use for his music, like guitar pick, amp… You can also buy him new instrument if you are keen.
  5. A pocket watch or wrist watch. This gift ticks and tocks, so this qualifies as a gift he can hear… plus a man love a good watch.
  6. Vintage record player and vintage records
  7. Earbuds or Noise Cancelling Headphones.
  8. A gondola ride. Make sure the boatman sings. The experience is quite magical.
  9. Have a love song written for him.
  10. Record a love song for him and have these guys at Fiverr autotune you comically.
  11. Vinyl record clock
  12. Hire a quartet to serenade him


  • Gift for the Taste

Tasty gifts will make him feel even more loved!

Morning Mug

If this heat transforming mug won’t make your guy less grumpy, maybe your TASTY coffee will.

They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. I agree!

  1. A nice, goofy coffee mug (Like this morning mug, pictured on the animated image.
  2. His favorite coffee.
  3. Speaking of coffee, you can also get him a coffee sampler set!
  4. Cook dinner for him
  5. His favorite candies or chocolate… You can turn this gift idea into a cute candy message!
  6. Or, if you feel so inclined, make him a pizza cake!
  7. Hire a professional chef to cook for the both of you. You can do this at home. The chef will shop and come to you!
  8. You can also schedule a fancy mystery murder dinner for the both of you, where you can wine and dine then play detective and solve who killed the dinner guest!
  9. Wine or beer tasting tour!
  10. Romantic game of taste: Blindfold his eyes and let him taste different kinds of food and make him guess what he just ate.
  11. This one is a classic: chocolate covered strawberries… with some wine. Throw in a nice corker and stopper, too.
  12. A fruit picking tour where he can pick the fruits and eat the on the spot!
  13. Come to a food festival near you!
  14. You can also give your man a nice cotton candy maker. This gift for the taste will bring back childhood memories!
  15. Edible massage oils.


  • Gift for the Smell

With the smell part of the five senses gift for him, you can get a bit goofy if you want

Cool! This novelty gift soap SMELLS like bacon!

You can get creatively funny with this. Many novelty items with unconventional smells are all around the internet, waiting to be discovered. Make your man laugh!

  1. Cologne. Perfume or Aftershave!
  2. Bacon-scented soap. This is funny and unique!
  3. Scented beard oil. This will help him maintain that beautiful facial hair that you love.
  4. Minty foot scrub. The you can also throw in a foot spa machine and service his feet!
  5. Maybe you touched your genitals hand sanitizer (He will LOL at this gift idea!)
  6. A nice smelling hair gel. Or hair wax. Pomade is also making a comeback!
  7. Air freshener for his car (I use glade air freshener. Smells really nice!)
  8. Scented candles
  9. Reed diffusers.
  10. Himalayan salt lamp (This looks cool and it diffuses a fresh smell throughout the house!)