Reasons Why Having Siblings Feels Lucky

It is tough for them who do not have a sibling to understand what it is like having a sibling. Having a sibling is the greatest gift that your parents have ever blessed you with. They say it’s a gift of nature. That it is, indeed. Having a sibling makes you feel proud and happy while others without a sibling will only envy you for this. Some might think- how could it be great? A sibling always means sharing every other thing that others could enjoy fully. No one without a sibling will understand how great it is to share a packet of chips and fight over the biggest piece. How great it is to share your love, gift, rebuke and secrets with someone. Sharing is caring- thus siblings are great!

Your sibling is your first friend. S/he is the first one your shared your playthings with. You read bedtime stories to your little friend while s/he replied with the goodnight sleep and yawns. You learnt not to eat your food alone- you learnt sharing. You fought a lot, yet you knew you mustn’t ever hurt each other. You scolded the other one a lot, yet you were aware of not insulting him or her. This beautiful bond is something people without siblings lack in their life.

Your little brother will grow up to be your protector one day. Your mildest sister will roar like a tigress if someone comes to hurt you. You and your sibling are the only two persons who know each other inside out. You are partners in crime, friends in your good initiatives, listeners to secrets and advisers while it is a bad time. This bonding is the bliss of life for every brother and sister. Having a friend in need, having a person who would understand you before you speak, having a dear one who would advise you when you are clueless is one of the best feelings of the world. So, feel lucky if you have a sibling.

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