Rakhi Celebration in India – Ram Rakhi

Rakhi Gifts in India

The Rakhi Festival in India, or also known as Raksha Bandhan, is a festival in which people in India celebrates the sacred bond that exists between brothers and sister. It is a magical festival, in fact, is the most auspicious event in India, and from this amazing occasion, comes the so-called “Rakhis”.

Rakhis are bracelets given by sisters or any person responsible, to brothers.

There is all kind of rakhis. They come in all kind of colors, shapes, figures and with all kind of stones or beautiful pieces. Rakhis for kids, rakhis for adults, divines, precious, traditional… you can find them in whichever style you want.

rakhi gifts

Rakhis for kids

Very simple yet beautiful, rakhis for kids tend to have cartoon figures, very simple designs and sometimes animated Hindu figures also.

Since the Raksha Bandhan is an event in which every brothers and sisters bond is commemorated, kids are not left aside and can also have their own bracelet.

Rakhis for adults

These ones are always much more elegant and beautiful since are especially for adults to wear them. Rakhis with gold, diamonds, zardozi, silver, and pearls, are the ones that stand out whenever you want to surprise your brother or sister with a gorgeous one. Sometimes these bracelets are based on Hindu important figures like Ganesha. With beautiful stones around it to make it more stunning.

Ram Rakhi

This type of rakhi is another simple yet meaningful sample made of silk. People tend to tie these bracelets to the wrist of God’s figure in temples. But not only in God’s figures but in old people’s or Guru’s wrist.

If there is something we can be sure of, is that these are very meaningful and personal gifts that involve a precious meaning and tradition in India. That’s why when it comes to giving a rakhi, this one has to be definitely not only a pretty one but a meaningful one.