Pros & Cons of giving HandMade Gifts

There is nothing wrong in making and giving handmade gifts. In

fact, people right now are catching the fever perhaps because of the recent downturn of the economy. It has actually become a trend in some way.

personalized gifts

But though handmade gifts are being accepted by people, there are still reasons why you should not give a handmade gift. So before you decide to start on that craft project, read this bit of information. It might affect your decision on whether to make a handmade gift or not. Here are the pros and cons of giving handmade gifts.

1. It’s cheap.
You can save a lot of money if you decide to make a gift of your own. But be careful with this. There are times when the project become more expensive than those you can buy from the store. This is because of the materials that you have bought for the project. Some of them can be pretty expensive so be careful with what you are buying and always have a budget.

2. It’s more personal
If the person you are giving the handmade gift to is someone really special, this kind of gift is much more appreciated because they are more personalized. You have after all put a lot of time and effort into it as well as some of your really creative ideas. This is especially true if you are giving them gifts that you have created out of your own special talent such as composing songs, making poems or drawing a caricature.

3. It’s more memorable
Unique handmade gifts are certainly more memorable for people especially if you have included some items into the gift that will stir

some memories. A photo album for instance that contain some of your photos together or maybe a collage of your relationship can touch a chord when you give them to people.

1. You need time to do it.
If you are busy, this is not a good idea. Even if it is something as simple as making a bracelet or making a card, you still need to devote some time into doing it and that means taking time off to make it. If you do not have the time, better buy a gift in the store.

2. It’s inconvenient
Face it, the thought of a handmade gift may be attractive and sweet but hey you cannot dispute the fact that it is far easier for you to just go to the store and choose from their selections. If you are concerned with the price, you can always shop at stores that are on sale. That way, the gift will not eat at your budget.

3. You need to be crafty
If you do not have a single creative bone in your body then this is not for you. You need to at least be crafty or artistic to be able to come up with something that is decent enough to give as gift. Otherwise, it will just end in a disastrous situation wherein you will have nothing remotely presentable to present come the occasion. Of course there are books that can help you with the task but hey there is only so much that a book can do. You need to have the raw goods and the talent.

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