Print Templates for Wedding Return Gifts for Relatives / Free Download

Looking for some personalized return gifts for your relatives on your wedding?

You can download these creative templates, and place the photograph on the empty space left on the template. You can get it framed and gift to your relatives. They are going to simple love it.

Canvas print template for Brother

Brother, You have take care of this man, with whom I will spend my life. He is proud to be your brother, and I am blessed to be his wife.

Canvas print template for Godparents

Godparents, I know that you were chosen because of who you are, to listen, lead and guide me on journey near and far. When I think of you I count my blessings, and thank the lord above, because when it comes to godparents, I’ve got the best to love! A little note to the two pillars of my family. People crave for one support, I am blessed with two!

Canvas print template for Mom Dad

Mom & Dad, Who would have know we’d one day share in such a special joy, that I would marry someone who was once your little boy. The boy who grew up to become the man with whom I’ll spend the rest of life, both as wife, as well as his best friend. Today is the day we unite, the day we say “I do”, and so I owe god special thanks. Your love and dedication have paid off in many ways. Because I fell in love with the little boy that you raised.

Canvas print template for Nana

Nana, for the kind heart you’ve got and the lessons you have taught, for the way you selflessly care and the love and wisdom you share. In true catholic faith for raising me, with values for the world to see. Nana, I am sure you are an angel sent from above; Thank you for all the guidance, teaching and love! Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, forever your little girl.

Canvas print template for Mummy

Mom, Today, on my blissful wedding day, I promise to be a good wife.
You have given me valuable insights, which will guide my married life. I think back on all of the fun and happy times we’ve shared, I remember the treats and kisses, you gave because you cared. You always had a piece of advice when I needed it, You always got hurt, and bore the brunt whenever I threw a fit. I’ve seen you groom your husband, and protect him with all your might, I’ve seen you live alone, away, and happily work from morn to night. I could never thank you enough for all that you have done, And know that you’re not losing a daughter, but gaining a son.

Ma, the love we share will forever stay deep within my soul; I thank you and love you more than words can say for your motherly role.

Canvas print template for Uncle

Only my Uncle Melwyn can love me like a father, protect me like a brother, Guide me like a teacher, and shield me like no other. You have blessed me with a caring brother whom to get me things I send, A loving sister who I can tease, and an aunt who is a friend.

I can’t thank you enough for always taking me as your own, Not only when I was little, but also now when I am grown.