Personalized Photo Canvas

When it comes to gifting, we always tend to run out of ideas. The latest trend is ‘come only with your blessings’, but why should we abide by this rule?

Indian culture has always been a generous culture – we just love to gift! Whatever the occasion, gifts are a mandate in India. If we cannot gift, then a bouquet of flowers are to the rescue. But nowadays with so many gifts available, I am always confused as to what should be my next gift choice? Will he/she like it or will it be thrown in the bin and rejected?

I kept thinking and wondering what to do. I happened to stumble upon an advertisement of Dezains in the local newspapers and I was pleased to see the variety of personalized gifts they have to offer. I visited and browsed through their entire range for men and women. But I needed a gift for both as it was my childhood friend’s wedding anniversary. So what better than a personalized canvas to offer to the newlyweds? It was the perfect gift as

  1. I could personalize the canvas with their images
  2. Durability
  3. A perfect size so that it doesn’t hamper their set-up
  4. Excellent quality
  5. Delivery time

All I needed to do was upload their images on the site, write a personal message, and give the team a sample look and voila! My personalized gift was ready and delivered to me within 15days.You too could gift your loved ones with this amazing personalized canvas that can be gifted during birthdays, wedding anniversaries, achievements, etc. I wanted my gift to be unique so this was the best that I finalized. Apart from this, they delivered the product within the timeframe provided and was neatly wrapped to avoid damage of the product.

Priced at Rs 1499/- it was reasonable as other places had personalized canvas priced at a much higher rate. All the more, the 15% discount was an added benefit.

So all you need to do is, select images, add a message and give an order to Dezains to get your very own personalized canvas!

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