Personalized Gifts: You Wouldn’t Find Anywhere Else!

Hello folks! Let me present to you, few quite interesting stuff, you for sure haven’t seen before. These are some really cool gifts that are personalised, and available exclusively at We keep on thinking about ways to go way beyond the regular personalization, and create something new, unique, extra ordinary and yet affordable. So it begins!

Wall Clock – A Master piece artwork!

Wall Clock - Personalised with Name

So you see! Didn’t you notice? Any product that you see, which is personalized, have either a customized printing (like mugs, cushions) or engravings (like pen, wooden products, etc). Here if you see, your personalized names are lazer cut and a part of the design. It’s not just a simple printing or text engraving. This product is specially crafted for the user. This is truly extra ordinary! We think its beyond the league! Don’t you? And all this at an affordable price of INR 1999 ! Just 2k !  See more designs in wall clocks.

Caricature Photo frame – Hand drawn by Human Artists!

will you marry me caricature frame

Now, seriously, what can be more creative than this! Common. This exceeds any kind of personalization. Its like a king and queen, asking the artist to draw the artwork, and get it framed. At your will, our artist will make beautiful caricatures with so many different templates. You can even create you own story picture! Wow, amazing what we can get online these days. This comes at a price. Human labour is not cheap. Artist are talented and they charge a lot. This will cost you INR 3499, but its nothing compared to what you get – a priceless gift for your partner. Check out all caricature photo frames.

Photo Collage Frame – Layouts you won’t get anywhere else !

amazing photo collage photo frame

Well its just a photo frame. But photo frame too can be very unique and stylish, depending how you style it. See here that the big text saying i love you is prominent, and its not just a photo collage – but this tells the whole story. Its an artwork, a personalized artwork which speaks in itself. Not everyone can design a very good collage. So we have made interesting templates, that are unique, eye-catching and special. See more photo frame collages on the website

Night Lamp – 3D Illusion Roses with Proposal silhouette & Custom Message

night lamp rose style

Again, this is something very hard to find online. And you won’t find these designs anywhere else. Truly unique and exclusive products by Tell me honestly, have you ever seen something like this before? No, right? So try this this gifting season, and own this unique night lamp. There are many different varieties of shades available. See all night lamp designs.

Caricature Wall Clock – We bet you have never seen this anywhere else!

caricature wall clock - dancing couple

Put it in your living room, and then tell us, if not every guest that visit you, ask about this super awesome wall clock, and where did you get this. Talented artists hand draws these artworks by looking at your photos. And then this is used to create this high quality unique big sized wall clock for you. As promised this is yet again a personalized gift that is available only here at dezains. See other caricature wall clock designs available on the website.

That’s it folks. Hope we have impressed you with these cool, never seen before products and gifts. We will be back with more exciting products soon. Do not forget to share this among your friends and family. Thanks ! Love – Dezains