Occasions are Not the Only Time to Gift

Gifting is probably as old as love. Gifting truly can be more rewarding than receiving.

People who love to give gifts often can’t wait until it’s time for the recipient to open the gift. If you’ve ever given a gift, you know that the anticipation and curiosity that builds up in the recipient is the actual fun is when the recipient wonders what the gift is!

If gifts weren’t wrapped, much of the fun would be lost. If the recipient could see what the gift was immediately, all that anticipation and the surprise factor would be lost.

All said and done; but you don’t need an occasion to gift. You can gift people things even when there are no major occasions only to bring a smile on that person’s face and for that person to feel loved. You could try gifting the following…


It is a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place or event also known as a memento. Souvenirs are mostly given when people visit various places and get back along with them an item from that place which is the significance of that land. You could also gift your friend a small memento when he/she is leaving the country as a reminder of friendship and telling the person that he/she will be missed

When Sad

Would you ever like to see your loved one sad? Then why not gift them and bring back that smile! When a person is sad, all he wants or expects the other person to lighten up his mood and bring the smile back. When you gift that such a time, the person automatically forgets the sorrow and remembers the fact that you were part of their sorrow. Even a small chocolate or a token of your love would work at this situation.

When things are needed

Your loved one keeps talking about a particular item that he/she wants to buy, or your mom is fed-up using the same old cell phone or your sister has started working. You could just gift them something they require for the hour and voila! Your work is done. Happiness will flow, love will be shared. You would have to be prepared for the number of thank-you replies and hugs and kisses that you will receive. It’s all part of making the other person happy.

So don’t wait for occasions and keep gifting! View personalized gifts here

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