New Year 2014

It was New Year’s Eve. There was a lot of bustle around everywhere. Almost every venue was getting decked up with flowers and lights and cakes and candles and music and more. Florists were hands full with deliveries to be made. Moms and bakeries were busy baking the overbooked orders. Dads were winding up with their last minute shopping for the parties. All were running around here and there trying to finish their jobs before it strikes midnight. There was thrill everywhere. Amidst these busy people was Neha, sitting quietly on a bench in the park reading a letter from his father.New Year Calendar 2014

‘My dear daughter, I know I promised to celebrate this New Year 2014 with you, but unfortunately there have been some changes in the department and I am required to stay back. I will try my best to come over. Please do not be disheartened if I am unable to make it. Love you. Happy New Year 2014!’

A tear rolled down from her cheek as she tore the letter in a swift and threw it away. A stroke of anger rushed to her heart and she wiped her tears and hurried home.

Unlike any teenage, Neha is quite a matured college going kid who lives with her aunt as she lost her mom couple of years back and her father is away for work. Neha father – John was working in the Civil Services with the government and has been on a contract with them for ages.  It had been more than 2 years John had not been able to spend time with his daughter Neha and this had really started affecting Neha. She wanted her dad to be there for her, at least for the New year’s celebration.

Neha kept strolling on the streets gazing around the crowd and the prevailing New Year’s spirit in the air. And all the while was thinking of why she couldn’t have one New Year celebration with her dad. It was only in the evening that Neha reached home. By the time she reached home, all the anger in her heart had vanished but she was still sad. She thought of keeping her sadness aside and helping her aunt with the decorations and baking. Her friends would be home anytime soon, she thought. Although she got busy, her mind kept wandering to the thoughts of her dad. How she wished he had come to see her! Soon it was 10 in the evening and friends and families started drawing together for the celebrations. Many got New Year gifts too! The music was on and the dance floor started rolling. All started hogging on the drinks and cakes. Food was delicious. Shortly after all were warmed up, there were rounds of toasts and everyone shared the goods and bads of the year and made a wish for the New Year 2014.

One by one, when all were done, it was Neha’s turn. She modestly blushed a bit and with a sad smile on her face, raised a toast – ‘This new year is special to me; as this is when I thought I would see my dad after 2 years; though he has not come, I am happy that I have friends around me, my aunt and uncle, they have been sweethearts; I really wished I could see my dad and have this new year 2014 with him’ And suddenly the door swung open and what could Neha see? It was his dad standing in the doorway with a broad smile on his face. Neha just couldn’t believe her eyes. She rushed and gave a warm hug to her dad. New Year 2014  MugTears of joys rolled down the cheeks of both, father and daughter. There was a moment of silence and yet it was so joyful. And it struck midnight – It was New Year! – ‘Happy New Year dad’, said Neha. ‘Happy New Year My Child’ said John. ‘I have something for you’. And he handed a small gift wrapped box to Neha. Neha couldn’t resist and opened it swiftly. And there it was; a token of love, a picture of him and her framed in a crystal. It looked lovely. Neha was so overwhelmed. It was the best New Year ever.

New Year Eve is a special beginning, every year. Like Neha, we certainly want to spend this lovely moment with our special one. Woo them with love and shower them with all sorts of unique New year gifts like canvas, crystals, glasses, watches and more. If you are planning to surprise your special ones with something exclusive, you must check out the array here. I am sure this New Year will be indeed extraordinary for you.

So, what are you planning for this New Year?


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