My Savior…

The only thing that still eludes the ‘man’ kind is the knack to choose a gift for our girlfriends. No matter what we do, it’s certain that we will fail. All our calculations, permutations and combinations help us in landing almost nowhere. It is like the question about the existence of God, there is no right answer. I have been a personal victim to this very fact almost every time. Most recently a day in my life happened as it did in the famous American TV show Friends, where Rachel exchanges the gift brought by Ross for something she likes. Then came the most dreadful day of the year, my girlfriend’s birthday. And all my time and energy was diverted towards finding a gift for my girlfriend. A marathon task for which I undertook a closed group survey among her friends, became an archaeologist to dig out her hidden favorites, and scoured through her things to find out what she hasn’t had yet. Yeah! Yeah! I know you guessed the next part of my story and you are right, I could not figure out a damn thing.

The whole feat engulfed me so much that I started dreaming about gifts for my girlfriend. Alas I did not had the technology for dream sharing or I could have peeped into her mind to find out what she was expecting from me as her birthday gift. And then it shone on me like the sun from amidst the cloud, the messiah of my salvation. One day when I was surfing through her and her friends’ Facebook page, I gazed upon a link to a website called Dezains. The link was flashing on one of her friend’s wall. Though I never try going to such links because of the fear of spams, this link caught my attention because of its display message. It said get personalized gift items for your girlfriend. It was like the link was trying to have a conversation with me and had read my mind.

So, I shed all my fears and visited the page. By golly, my eyes broadened till they almost burst. I could not have asked for a better help. The page is a world of personalized gift items you can choose from, for different occasions to give to your girlfriend. I was so excited that I got crazy and made a list of gifts, to give to my girlfriend on different occasions and even without any, for an entire year. And for her birthday, I chose to give her a personalized photo canvas with a pic of us from our tour of Munnar, along with a pair of engraved wine glasses (each with our name written on them in artistic fonts).

I know what you are thinking but this time you are wrong. The canvas is still by her bed side and the wine glasses in her cupboard (Duh! I have seen them). So, don’t look any further, log on to and dazzle your girlfriend with amazing personalized gifts!

Dezains! My Saviour…

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