Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Bikers – Gifts for Motorcycle lovers

Young folks or old dudes, there are certain people around the world, who are crazy about bikes. Whether you or someone you know enjoy riding motorcycles, are part of a biker club, or even own a motorcycle shop, here is a list of fun motorcycle gift ideas for bikers. Next, to riding free with the wind in their hair (or a new bike), this list is your guide to the best motorcycle gifts around.

Gift Ideas for Bikers and Motorcycle lovers

1. Leather Jacket

Who doesn’t love a good leather jacket? From John Cusack to Joe Schmoe, this jacket is the bee’s knees.

2. Personalized Biker Theme Caricature Photo frames

Biker Caricature by
Girl Biker Caricature by

So, these caricatures with biker theme would be a very good and unique gifts for bike lovers.

3. Custom Biker Plaque

This sweet vintage style sign has a hanging name board that can be customized and will add a beautiful touch to any room. Made in the USA. Personalized. Real wood. Distressed by hand. 3-dimensional biker relief carving. Ready to hang. Pure Farkle for your garage.

4. Engraved Beer Mugs and Whiskey Glasses for Bikers

You can buy these engraved bar glasses with biker themed designs. Personalize them for your self, or anyone who loves to ride. It could be a perfect gift for your biker dad, or friend.

5. Legit Whiskey Aging Barrel – Personalized!

Bikers lover their spirits. The more authentic, the better. And what could be better than home-aged whiskey? These barrels are made from American White Oak wood with a medium char interior to perfectly flavor and age the biker’s favorite beverage. Keep it in the home bar, shop, or man cave. Oh, and it’s also personalized.

6. Motorcycle racing jacket

This is the jacket for those with the need for speed. Full-body under jersey coverage, comprehensive protection, plastic chest plate, articulated back, high-impact shoulder and elbow coverage, plus a healthy dose of sexy. Gasoline soul, baby! One of the greatest motorcycle gift ideas ever.

7. Motorcycle shop plaque

This wooden sign can be personalized across the top. It will bring an added touch of flair to your motorcycle shop. Born to be wild. Live free or die!

8. Harley Davidson Hand Warmer

Well, this thing is pretty awesome!! No more cold hands when you’re riding fast on the coldest of cold days. The perfect stocking stuffer for a Harley Davidson devotee.

9. Personalized Metal Chopper Plaque (2-Sided)

Perfect for the motorcycle garage or shop, this custom metal chopper sign is two-sided and has a dope “flames” hanging bracket.

10. Motorcycle Shaped Beer Cap Map

For those beer cap collectors/bikers this is the perfect gift! Hang it up and collect those cool caps.

11. This Guy Loves Motorcycles T-Shirt

Motorcycle Gifts

I mean, really, what more can you say about this? You do or you don’t. You do. #dadshirt

12. Custom Biker Chick Necklace

Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Women

For that biker gal in your life, this is a perfect gift. Can be customized with her initials.

13. Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Bikers

You already know that good quality motorcycle gloves are a must. But here’s something new…. the manufacturer’s description of these biker gloves is a little bit mind blowing:

An extension of your body, the Pursuit glove melts away from conscious thought and lets you become the surgeon of the urban street. With supple sheepskin leather conforming to your hand and hidden plastic knuckle armor for protection, subtlety and control never felt and looked so good. Combine extensive perforation for all day comfort with reinforced goatskin palm to combat those precarious encounters with the asphalt and you find yourself with a glove that transcends all others.

Haha! But seriously… Protect those digits, and look cool while doing it!

14. Custom Vintage Garage Clock

Motorcylist Gift Ideas: Vintage Custom Garage Clock

A biker needs to know when it’s time to work in the garage and when it’s time to ride. This made-in-the-USA vintage style wooden garage clock is just the thing. Includes free personalization.

15. Motorcycle Care Kit

Motorcycle Care Kit - Classic Biker Gifts

This is a super-practical gift, but for anyone who wants to take good care of their bike, it’s a must. Includes care for all surfaces including paint, plastic, leather, vinyl, and metal

16. Motorcycle Cell Phone Holder

Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Bikers

Hands free option for carrying your cell phone while riding!

17. Motorcycle Circuits Poster

Gift ideas for motorcyclists

This is pretty woke! Course circuit maps for the motorcycle Grand Prix races. You can order the art print with or without the frame.

18. I Don’t Snore I Dream I’m a Motorcycle T-Shirt

I don't snore, I dream I'm a motorcycle T-Shirt

Because that is what is really going on at night. This short-sleeve crewneck t-shirt comes in unisex fit, and is printed with eco-friendly water-based inks. Oh, to dream! One of my personal favorites from this list of motorcycle gift ideas.

19. Personalized Motorcycle Garage Bottle Opener

Motorcycle Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Here’s a great accent for the biker’s garage. This handy, useable bottle opener mounts on the wall and includes personalization. More custom bottle opener gift ideas can be found here.

20. Biker Boy Cedar Scented Soap

Motorcyclist Scented Soap

Hey, even a biker needs to get clean sometimes. This glycerin soap is handcrafted for the manly bike lover. Scented with a memorable cedar leather fragrance, the woody and amber men’s soap presents an evocative musky and tonka bean base note. A classic yet stimulating aroma.

21. Harley Motorcycle Patent Posters Set

Harley Patent Posters for Harley Davidson motorcycle

A poster set featuring some of the patent designs for old-school Harley motorcycles. Includes the engine and exterior design elements. For the true collector and enthusiast.

22. Creative Biker Coasters

Gift ideas for motorcyclists: Bike Sprocket Coasters

These coasters are made from upcycled motorcycle parts. A creative set of biker-themed coasters can help you domisticate the wild one a bit. Also consider some custom engraved leather coasters with a whiskey theme.

23. A Motorcycle! (Model)

Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists: Harley Model

The biker who enjoys memorabilia will love to get a mini Harley. Arrives fully constructed. This little guy stands at about 8″ long and 4-1/4″ tall.

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