How to Make your Girlfriend Feel Special

Gone were the days, when your life partner was chosen by your relatives. We are in the 21st century where people have begun to follow the customs of the West. Times have changed and with it, people’s mind sets and mentality has also gone through a drastic change. Going with the flow, people have become open and carry a care-a-damn attitude in expressing their love for their partner. So when love is expressed, why not continue to make your girlfriend feel special? Gifting is the solution to your problems!

GIFTS! Who doesn’t like to be gifted? But when they come from someone special, they have all the more importance. Gifts are a love language. It makes the relationship more fun and exciting. They speak the person’s thoughts and feelings without uttering a word and express the love hidden within a person’s heart. Every girl on this planet loves receiving gifts. You must have given her gifts on occasions like birthdays, the day you’ll first met, the day you proposed her, etc. But you don’t need an occasion to gift her. It’s not necessary to gift her something big an expensive; but small and inexpensive gifts also speak out your love.

Changing times, call for changing ways in gifting. It’s time to bring out the creative genius in you to keep you girl’s interest. Gone were the days of chocolates, flowers, jewellery, etc. It’s time to embrace uniqueness and go hand in hand with technology. It’s not necessary for you to be a creative genius; but spending that little extra time in finalizing on your gift, would be an added advantage.

So here are a few ideas you could take into consideration to make your girlfriend feel all the more special.

Give her your time: If you both are working people, all she needs is a little bit of your time. Yes, earning for a better future is also priority; but if your work takes the better side of you, she will surely walk out of your life. Take some time out and spend quality time with her. She doesn’t need materialistic love at the moment; but requires you to show her love by spending some alone time.

Plan a surprise: Who doesn’t love surprises? Your girlfriend too isn’t any different. If there is an occasion coming up, plan a surprise by taking her to her favourite place or by just ringing her doorbell at the wee hours of the night. That itself will be a surprise. If you are abroad, try coming down to celebrate that special day. This would surely bring a huge smile to her face.

Walk on the beach: The beach is the most romantic part of nature. You don’t need to plan to visit a beach. Just on your occasional meetings take her to the sea-side and enjoy the beauty of nature with your loved one. Walk hand in hand; conversations will automatically begin. You could make this even more romantic by gifting her something and telling her what she means to you.

Aim her heart: Women are very emotional species. They love it when their loved ones are romantic and make them feel loved. Either you have just started off your relationship or are already 1-3 years in the relationship. It’s time to get her a personalized ring that aims straight for her heart. The ring symbolizes love. So what better than rings to tell her that you love her? You could either personalized the ring with an ‘I Love You’ embossed or with your name embossed or maybe just give her a ring! That’s enough to express your thoughts.

Go social: In this fast growing world with technology, people have made their lives social. Every little aspect of their life is up on social media for the world to see and know where they have gone, what they are eating and what their recommendations are. So why not put up images of you and your partner of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc along with a personalized message. It not only makes her feel special but also proclaims your love for her.

Booklet of love: Every relationship is different and unique in its own way. You may not be a socially active person. But you could do anything to make your partner feel special. So why not take some time out and make a booklet of your collection of images of you and your partner? Either you’ll have just started out or maybe years in a relationship – whatever the case; there is always something to share. So personalize the booklet with some images and messages. This is the perfect way to make her feel special as your heart is spoken out through the booklet.

Although women love extravagant and pricey gifts, they also look into the heart of their partner. So if you incorporate such romantic ways to make her feel special, she won’t have any complaints. So run along and start off your love journey on a special romantic note with these awesome ideas.

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