The Magic of Gifting

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Kushal was lazing around the greens of his lawn on one of the armchairs. He picked up his mug from the table to sip his coffee; his gaze rested on the mug, it was written – to my dearest love, Kushal; Happy Birthday. It was his last year’s birthday gift from his girlfriend. And his lips widen into a broad smile, his mind traveled to the thoughts of his love, Ekta and recalled his most lovely moment with her. And while he was busy rejoicing this implausibly delightful moment, he heard the doorbell. He rushed to the front door after couple of rings and reached there frantically. He swung opened the door inside and there; his eyes witnessed the most beautiful sight. Ekta, her girlfriend was standing at his door with big bouquet of flowers and a gift pack in her hands. She walked towards him and slowly kissed on his cheeks and hugged him and said, ‘Happy Birthday dear’. The duo hushed inside to the living room and flung themselves onto the sofa. Ekta then handed over the big box wrapped with shimmery silver to Kushal and anxiously waited for him to open it. Her heart was pounding with joy as she saw Kushal unwrapping it with abundance of joy on his face. And there, he uncovered the pieces of canvas with his photo painted on it with a message –

Kushal, my love, you have made my life special

By coming to my life, by being with me

By being who you are, by letting me be me!

Happy Birthday!

Love you always, Ekta

Kushal’s heart was filled with love and joy. He jumped off the sofa and hugged Ekta. For Ekta, the moment was priceless. She had experienced the bliss. She had found the perfect gift for her boyfriend. Such is the magic a gifts. They can stir the air with romance and love. They can overwhelm your boyfriend and take him to the 9th cloud. They can boost the joy of the special moments. They can help you express your joy and love. That is the magic of gifts, the magic of gifting!

So if you have a boyfriend, you would certainly want to be the magician on his special moments and create the perfect and cherished moment of his life for him. Be that conjurer or an angel. Sway him with your charm and the wonderful gifts for boyfriend. So where would you look for these gifts for boyfriend? Gone are the days when you had to run from store to store looking for ‘the’ gift. The wave of e-shopping has brought the stores of the world to your doorstep where you will find endless options to pick from; and that too at your convenience.

Dezains.com is one such boulevard with an awe-inspiring assortment of beautiful gifts for boyfriend. Explore this magnificent dais and you will find some of the most wonderful gifts of unparalleled quality. Moreover, each of these can be personalized with pictures or messages or both. And that makes the gifts more special. With the inimitable caricature poster you would woo your boyfriend for sure. Gift him the charming heart shaped crystal piece with your feelings inscribed onto it and see the magical effect of it in the smiles of your boyfriend. Get his name imprinted on the cool beer mug for his birthday and enjoy his delight with him. And if he’s neat and clean corporate dude, get his name inscribed on a beautiful Pierre Cardin pen; you can just imagine his joy. You would certainly sweep him off his feet. You might also want to look at the I-pad sleeves, the impeccable personalized gift for boyfriend. Take a flight of this enormous world filled with awesome gifts for boyfriend and you will find more; from key chains to mobile cases, desktop clocks to fridge magnets; caricature series of gifts to classy range of bar accessories. And each of these can be personalized. With so many options, you can certainly make the moments with your boyfriend very special.

Ekta made her boyfriend Kushal’s special moments magical. So can you. Cherish the joy of togetherness with your boyfriend. Make him feel special with the wonderful gift for your boyfriend. Explore and get going. So what would you pick up for him?

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