She Loves Her Man, Do You?

This is a story of a very dear friend of mine – Alice, who lost her dad in an accident when she was a kid. She faintly remembers him, but has constantly heard a lot of people speaking praises of her dad. They say, he’s a ditto copy of her father; but she says, “When I do not remember him, only these stories make me feel his love.”

Thing suddenly went for a toss, when she got to know that her mother has fallen in love with another man and that he would be her new father. She immediately went into a shell as this came unexpected in her life. The things she heard people talk about step fathers kept running in her head – things like he will beat you, he won’t love you, you will be ignored, your mom will send you to boarding school, etc kept running in her head which affected her as a child and frightened her.

She suddenly learnt to put on a face that she has accepted him and went on regular dinners with her mom and to be dad. She never showed her fright to him and tried to accept things the way they were. Eventually, her mom got married to him and he began living with them. While things seemed perfect to everyone else, Alice wasn’t happy about the new man in her mom’s life. One fine day, when she returned from school, finding no one at home, she left the house as she wanted to stay away from things.

On returning home, her parents searched helter-skelter for her – knocking doors or neighbours, complaining at police stations, but nothing happened. Suddenly her new father remembered her drawing images of churches and headed to the near-by church alone only to find her there. On seeing him, Alice began to run only to be caught by her new father. He hugged her tight and told her how much he loved her and what she meant to him. His warmth, love and caring nature, made her forget all those negative influences and she returned home; only to find her room filled with soft toys and presents – things that she loved. She was surprised to know that hew new dad kept a track on all her likes and dislikes.

After this incident, she accepted him whole-heartedly and loves him from the bottom of her heart. Every Father’s Day, she goes all out of her way to tell him how much she loves him.

This is how Alice ended our conversation, “I have accepted my dad, I wish the thousands children who are fatherless, learn to accept their new father’s too. It’s a cliché that they are bad; but you may never know when the man can prove you wrong. I love my man, do you?” 

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