Love Treat !

Sitting inside a lavish restaurant Raveesh was eagerly waiting for the love of his life, his beautiful wife Sunaina. For last couple of months they didn’t spend much of time together. Reasons were galore. Earlier he had to go out for a month long training to Chennai. Then when he got back, first Sunaina’s parents came for a visit and then his sister and her husband planned a tour. So, there together time went on the back bench. The waiter came to bring Raveesh out from his thought pool. He was asking if raveesh would like to make an order. Raveesh looked at his watch. He has been there for last fifteen-twenty minutes now. An order has to be made. To shrug off the waiter he ordered for a cappuccino.

Raveesh walked away into his thought tunnel again. He always believed that people do not change, that their skeleton remains same no matter what. But, Sunaina brought the change in him and his life. He has been introduced to a new him by her. He remembers vividly, he was visiting home on a vacation when his mother forced him into going and seeing a girl she was considering. Raveesh always had managed to avoid such situation, but, that time he had said yes. A feeling of calm had dawned over him when he first saw Sunaina. For the first time in his life, he had felt what peace actually is.  His haphazard mind came to a standstill that day and has been like that ever since. When asked about his first encounter with her, he would always say, ‘Unlike what many believe it was a love at first sight or an entirely opposite situation of me finding her perfect on my checklist, it was something greater. It was as if suddenly a switch was turned on inside me and I was transferred to a whole new level of existence. Mythical and magical was that moment. And, for the love thing, we still fall in love with each other every day.’

A thud brought Raveesh back to the present. His cappuccino had arrived. Suddenly he realized that another fifteen minutes or so has passed and Sunaina still hasn’t come. The anxiety was building up now. He tried to look past restaurant’s glass door but she wasn’t there. He took out his phone and dialed her number still keeping his eye at the door. The call couldn’t connect but he saw a waiter pushing a trolley with a cake on top. Another waiter accompanied the previous one with a tray on which he saw two artifacts. To his amazement both the things were meant for him. A surprise planned by Sunaina for him. She was right behind the waiters, looking stunning in a plain magenta chiffon saree. He jumped up from his chair and hugged her. The sweetness of cake was boosted many times with the personalized gifts that accompanied it. Sunaina had picked an engraved glass crystal and a personalized photo cube from the personalized gift world of Dezains.

You too can choose to surprise your husband by making his gift a more personalized affair. A personalized gift says much more than a normal one and it adds a little bit of you in the moment. Just log on to and give your love a treat!

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